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Self-Love and Meditation: A Healing Conversation with Ania Halama

Welcome to The Momentum Podcast, I'm your host Tanya, and today we have a truly serene and soul-stirring episode for you. We're diving deep into the mystical realms with our guest, Ania, a world traveler and spiritual mentor who has harnessed her diverse experiences to become a guiding light for many.

On this episode titled "Spirituality for Busy Moms:  Ania's Tips on Manifesting Happiness and Wellbeing," Ania shares the secrets of the Akashic records — the divine database of our soul's journey, containing past, present, and future possibilities.


She recounts her transformational journey, in which accessing these records played a pivotal role in healing her throat chakra, enhancing her public speaking, and leading to potent healings on a higher dimension.

But Ania's wisdom doesn't stop there. She reveals her past battles with addiction, anxiety, depression, and how she embraced EFT tapping, meditation, and alternative healing methods to emerge with renewed purpose and clarity.

Get ready to learn how to manifest happiness, focus on self-care, and embrace the art of surrender with Ania's insights on personal well-being for a healthier and more fulfilled life as a parent.

Towards the end of our conversation, Ania will guide us through a powerful meditation focused on self-love, while also sharing quick and effective breathing exercises tailor-made for the busy mom. She will unravel how these practices can help elevate your vibrations and channel the energy needed for self-realization and inner peace.

We encourage you to connect with Ania, learn about her "Rebels Guide to Spirituality," and explore her podcast "Awaken Your Inner Alchemy."

So, whether you're on the go or carving out a moment of tranquility for yourself, join us on this enlightening journey. If you're seeking inspiration and a reaffirmation of faith in the universe's plan and your path within it, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. Let's get this momentum going!

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Tanya [00:01:48]:
hello and welcome to another episode of the Momentum podcast, the show dedicated to inspiring, uplifting, and empowering women on their journey through motherhood. I'm your host, Tanya Valentine, and I'm so glad you're here.

Tanya [00:03:38]:
On today's episode, I have the privilege of speaking with Anya Halama. She is someone who came up on my radar and I immediately felt compelled to get to know her because I just found her so interesting and I really think you will too. Be prepared to be entertained and inspired in today's show. And if you are someone who struggles with anxiety, then I want you to pay attention because she is going to talk about how you contain that anxiety without the use of medication. And make sure you stick around until the end of the show because she has something special for us that we saved for the conclusion of this episode. Anya Halama is a world traveler who has helped thousands of heart centered individuals align with their ideal clients to attract wealth, health, love, mental health and spiritual wealth. Anya started out working a corporate job that left her living paycheck to paycheck. Anya longed for the freedom to live life on her terms and time to enjoy life to the fullest.

Tanya [00:04:45]:
One day, she decided to take a leap of faith, quit her job and begin a journey of self discovery. The journey has taken Anya all over the world and helped her create businesses, learning new skills and sharing them all along the way. Anya is a hashtag millennial manifesto, spiritual and integration mentor, plant medicine facilitator and intuitive digital artist. She is also an intuitive healer, Reiki Master Angel Healer, EFT certified practitioner Hono oh God, you're going to have to help me with this one. Hono Pono Master Akashic records reader and law of attraction Master Entrepreneur magazine listed Anya as a top millennial powerhouse and us reporter has listed Anya as one of the top ten entrepreneurs to follow. She has spoken on national stages like the Napoleon Hill foundation and the Women Gone Wild Summit. Her expertise has been featured in media outlets including Brains magazine, Yahoo News, Entrepreneur magazine, LA Weekly, US Reporter, New York Weekly Times, so influential, and others. Most recently, her work was featured on a New York Times Square, Billboard.

Tanya [00:06:11]:
Anya is a two time best selling author of the book Rebel's guide to Spirituality and Women Gone Wild, the wealth edition. She is the host of the Awaken your inner Alchemy podcast and is the founder of Expansion Alchemy. That's expansion with an x. In the beginning, her passion is to use her eye for beauty, knowledge, for business and love, for self discovery and healing to impact as many lives as possible. Welcome to the show, Anya. Thank you so much for being here.

Ania [00:06:45]:
Thank you so much for having me, Tanya. It's so nice to be on the show with someone who knows how to pronounce my name correctly. Because we have the same name, I usually tell people it's like Tanya without the t. Anya, right?

Tanya [00:06:56]:
Yeah, our names rhyme. Well, I'm so glad I didn't botch your name. But, Anya, thank you so much for being here from the bottom of my heart. And I'm so excited to get to talk to you today, so let's just dive right in. And can you introduce yourself and share your story and maybe go into a little bit more about exactly what you do?

Ania [00:07:18]:
Yeah, of course. Well, Tanya did a great job of introducing me, so I'm finding out. Bye, guys. It's a mouthful. I'm teasing. I know my bio is a mouthful. There's in there and I do a lot. But like Tanya said, my name is Anya Halama.

Ania [00:07:36]:
I am a spiritual and integration mentor, a medicine woman, as well as a whole bunch of toolbox of just tools that I have. Meditation, eft, tapping, ho po, law of attraction. All these things that Tanya mentioned in my bio, I do all of that. My journey begins when I was very young, actually 810 years old. My father got into a work accident when I was super young. We were immigrants to the US, and I was the only one speaking English at the time. So I was going to doctor's offices, legal offices, just doing things, learning things no ten year old should ever learn. And because of that, it caused me to have, one, a lot of resentment around my father.

Ania [00:08:21]:
I really felt like my childhood got taken away from me. But two, it really caused me to grow up quickly, to be, quote unquote, the man of the house. And because of this, I knew that one of our incomes got taken away. So I graduated high school early. I graduated college with my first bachelor's at 19 years old, so I can start working and start making an income. I started working in corporate America when I was 17 years old, which is pretty much unheard of. I say I've had multiple careers at this point, multiple lifetimes of careers. But that's why I started really early, which led me to an entire decade of being very sick.

Ania [00:09:02]:
Anxiety, depression, insomnia. I couldn't hold any food down. I had terrible ibs. I was going blind. Doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. On top of addiction issues, eating disorders, on top of a whole bunch of stuff like, you name it, I pretty much had it. And my entire 20s, pretty much like, late, late teens, early 20s, was just this dark hole of darkness. Western medicine just wasn't working for me anymore.

Ania [00:09:34]:
And I came to a point where I'm like, you know what? My health is the most important thing. If I don't have my health. I have absolutely nothing else. And so I started looking pretty much without even realizing that I was looking for something much more, much greater than myself. And I walked into my manager's office. I quit my job within two weeks. I sold my car, sold my apartment, put everything in storage, and bought a one way ticket to Thailand. And I've pretty much been on that one way ticket ever since.

Ania [00:10:04]:
But life has a beautiful way of unfolding itself. And I didn't know that I was necessarily looking for myself. I was looking for healing. I didn't know I was looking for something much deeper in myself. Life in Thailand is a lot more inexpensive than life in America. I'm from Chicago, next door to Tanya, so it's expensive. So I had a lot more play money to play with meditation classes, yoga classes, breath work classes, and just doing things that I was starting to enjoy because I wasn't on a spiritual path yet. But this is when it started opening up to me.

Ania [00:10:41]:
So I started going to meditation classes, getting Reiki done, and all of these different things. And little by little, I started healing myself. And I didn't realize, to me, it felt like it was instant because I spent an entire decade of trying to heal with western medicine, and that wasn't working. So just a couple of months, even, like, let's say half a year, if it was, it probably was a little shorter than that. Months. I was all of a sudden feeling better. I was sleeping better. My anxiety went away.

Ania [00:11:13]:
My panic attacks went away. It felt instant because I spent an entire decade trying to heal with western medicine. So I was like, okay, I'm naturally healing myself, taking myself out of the stressful situation. Yes, that helped, but I'm adding these things into my life. Meditation, reiki, tappings, all of these different healings. And my body started getting better. It started getting stronger. I started getting in tune more with myself.

Ania [00:11:41]:
I started finally getting that mind, body, heart, soul and spirit connection that everyone talks about. And once I started healing myself naturally, I was like, okay, if I can heal myself, I can help other people heal as well. I'm the type of person that if I like something, I go, like, head in first. Like, I study all of it all the time. And so I just started studying and studying and studying and just diving deeper, like, opening up all the rabbit holes of spirituality pretty much. And I started getting clients, helping people heal. Then one thing led to another and plant medicine started calling me. And I found myself to South America, which is where I'm at right now.

Ania [00:12:28]:
And really plant medicine started calling me ayahuasca specifically. I've been working with ayahuasca for six years now, and it is hands down my medicine. I just came back from the jungle getting initiated into a tribe so I can facilitate and serve the medicine as well. Spent two months in the jungle over there, and the world's just unfolding and we'll see what happens next.

Tanya [00:12:50]:
Oh, my gosh. That is amazing. Where do I even go from there? I have so many questions, but I do want to get into how. You spoke about having a rough time in your twenty s. You battled addiction and anxiety, depression, and you said you even almost went blind at one point. You said you were sick of being on the medications. And this is partly what prompted you to pick up your life and move to Thailand. You were searching for alternative healing methods and you found them.

Tanya [00:13:23]:
And can you share with our listeners today some of these modalities that have helped you on your path to healing yourself and just dive into what are the benefits of each and how exactly they work?

Ania [00:13:36]:
Yeah, so I'll name a few of them. Eft tapping is one of my all time favorite techniques. So eft emotional freedom technique. So we all have meridian points going down our bodies, similar to acupuncture points, but instead of using needles, you're using your hands and tapping on these acupressure points, these meridian points going down our bodies. And it's really good for reprogramming any kind of beliefs that you have, reprogramming your mind, reprogramming any beliefs, really good for manifestation. And you would start tapping on these points and doing these sequences of affirmations of sorts, starting with the negative affirmations, like, I'm not worthy. Like, I'm sick right now. I'm all of these negative affirmations that might come up and then going into the positives.

Ania [00:14:26]:
You know what? I am worthy. I do deserve this. I am a beautiful being. I deserve the best things to come into my life. And going from the negative into the positive. And you're reprogramming your mind because these energy centers on our bodies are literally meant to move energy in our bodies. Again, similar to when you go to acupuncture, they put needles in your body to move energy inside those places where energy needs to be moved. And sometimes they put a needle in your ear, but it's like your knee is hurting because it's all linked together.

Ania [00:15:01]:
The same exact thing happens with eft tapping. You're moving energy in your body and you're moving out of the old and into these new beliefs. So you're completely reprogramming your mind. One of my all time favorites, eft tapping.

Tanya [00:15:14]:
Okay, that makes me think of, because my first question with that was, okay, why do we say the negative beliefs first? But it also makes me think of what I do in my coaching is first we start with identifying those negative beliefs, like really trying to understand them, like what feelings are produced when we think these beliefs, how we act when we think these beliefs, and then what our results are. So, yeah, could you just explain why it's important to do the negative and the positive?

Ania [00:15:57]:
Yeah, and I have some clients that come to me and they're like, oh, I don't want to look at the negative. It triggers me. I'm like, yeah, it's supposed to trigger you. That's the point of it. We have to look at the ugly, because if we don't look at it, how are you going to get past it? Simple as that. Straight in the face. How are you going to get past it if you don't look at, oh, I'm not worthy? Let's say that's the negative that you believe. Like, oh, I'm not worthy.

Ania [00:16:21]:
If you don't look at it, how is it going to get addressed? You keep telling yourself, yes, I'm worthy. Yes, I'm worthy. Yes, I'm worthy. But unless you look at I'm not worthy, then it's not going to get addressed. We have to look at it straight in the face and be like, you know what? Screw you, I'm much better than this. I am worthy. But you have to look at it straight in the face and tell it that.

Tanya [00:16:42]:
Yeah, face your fear.

Ania [00:16:45]:

Tanya [00:16:45]:
That's the only way you get over a fear, is just by facing it head on.

Ania [00:16:50]:
Simple as that.

Tanya [00:16:52]:
Yeah, awesome. And then, so you said, eft, the tapping. And then also you said, how about meditation?

Ania [00:17:04]:
Yeah, meditation is hands down the thing that I know how to do best. Like, if I'm going through anything, if I'm having a hard time, troubles. About a year and a half ago, I lost my entire business and I got hacked. I lost everything, lost my website, like 30,000 email subscribers, lost everything. Which led me to a couple of months trying to get everything back and led me to two, three, four months having a complete mental breakdown. Like wondering, questioning myself, doubting myself, like, am I worthy? Should I be doing this? Should I be coaching? Should I be doing this anymore? Maybe there's a bigger divine reason for this. And I turned to what I know how to do best, meditation. I sat in a four hour long meditation.

Ania [00:17:50]:
And, yes, I know that sounds crazy, but it's what I know how to do best. It's how I got rid of my anxiety. It's how I got rid of my depression. It's how I started sleeping better. The point of meditation is to quiet the mind. A lot of people, we go day in, day out, not knowing how to quiet our mind. And that's why we get anxiety. That's why we get depression, because our mind is constantly going.

Ania [00:18:15]:
I had this beautiful download in an ayahuasca ceremony where ayahuasca is like, the reason why people have anxiety is because they don't know how to quiet their mind. If they learn how to quiet their minds, then all of a sudden, the anxiety goes away. Quiet the mind, get into the body. That's what meditation does. It allows you to quiet the mind and into the body so you're present, so you can breathe out of the mind, into the body. That's when all of your problems go away. That's when anxiety vanishes, pretty much. So.

Ania [00:18:47]:
I know meditation. I know how to do best. All of my answers come to meditation through meditation. Sometimes a ten minute, sometimes a four hour one. So you never know.

Tanya [00:18:58]:
That is amazing. 4 hours. That's just amazing. I can't imagine sitting still for 4 hours unless I'm, like, sleeping.

Ania [00:19:10]:
Tanya, let me tell you, in that 4 hours, I channeled expansion alchemy. Expansion alchemy came to me. The name, the logos, the colors, what business partners I want on it, the website copy, everything came to me in that four hour meditation because I surrendered. I surrendered to spirit. It's like, okay, quiet the mind. I am not. My mind into my body. Everything came to me in that moment.

Tanya [00:19:36]:
Girl, you say surrender? I am telling you, this theme just keeps coming up again and again for me recently. This is crazy. Surrender. The fact that this keeps coming up, it's a sign for me, I think. And also I think anybody listening, too, it really is. It is important to surrender and just surrender. Yeah, stay open and question your. We have this tendency to want to always be right and have the answers.

Tanya [00:20:13]:
But no, that's not where you find.

Ania [00:20:17]:
One of my mentors, a quote that she gave me, like, ten years ago that I keep repeating because I love it so much. She's like, yes, it's that good. Everyone else at home, grab a piece of paper and pen, please write down this is like gold that I'm about to drop. No joke. Okay. We cannot micromanage the universe. Surrender, especially as women. We want to control everything.

Ania [00:20:53]:
We want to control our children. We want to control the way that our husband dresses. We want to control everything. We cannot micromanage the universe. Surrender. The God and the universe have a much higher plan for you. Let go of all of the stuff that's in your mind, because you are not your mind. Going back to that meditation.

Ania [00:21:13]:
You are not your mind. Surrender, let go and allow God in the universe to orchestrate their divine plan that they have for you. It's much better than you can ever imagine. You cannot micromanage the universe.

Tanya [00:21:27]:
Amen. And when we try to control, that's when we run into problems. That's when we create our own internal suffering.

Ania [00:21:37]:
Exactly. That resistance that happens.

Tanya [00:21:40]:
Yes. And my next question for you is, so we're talking about meditation. What advice would you have for someone who's never meditated before? I'm thinking specifically for a busy mom at home with little kids who think she doesn't have much time, why should they consider a meditation practice? And how do you recommend they go about getting started?

Ania [00:22:05]:
Yes. So, first off, meditation is not what we might think. Meditation is. You do not have to move to Tibet, put a turban on your head, sit on top of a mountain going, ohm for 4 hours. You have to do that, girl. Meditation, again, is simple. It's just quieting that mind, finding space in your day to quiet your mind. It doesn't necessarily have to be like sitting upright for 4 hours.

Ania [00:22:39]:
It can be while you're doing the dishes, while you're cleaning, while you're working out. Maybe it's going to a run because we're all busy. I get it. And you all are busy moms. I get it. We don't have all the time in the world, especially with kids running around. What time do you have in your day to quiet your mind? Maybe it is that ten minute walk that you go on by yourself during your lunch break, whatever it might be. It's just quieting the mind and going internal, going into your body.

Ania [00:23:10]:
Meditation isn't about the quantity of meditation you do. It's not about the four hour, the 40 minutes, the 20 minutes. It's not about that. It is about the quality of the meditation. I tell people a five minute meditation, but if you're full on, not one thought going through your head is a much more quality, a better meditation than a four hour meditation. When you're like, oh, what am I making for lunch today? I think my child's calling me over there. Maybe they're screaming like, I could hear something. Your mind constantly going.

Ania [00:23:45]:
A five minute, quiet, fully present meditation is much better than that. Constantly wandering meditation for however long you plan on doing.

Tanya [00:23:55]:
Okay. And I have another question, like, what about the people who say, well, anya, that's great, but I can't quiet my mind. These thoughts just pop up and I just can't do it.

Ania [00:24:07]:
Start simple. Start simple. Start with a minute. Start with a minute of focusing on your breath. Let's do it right now. We all have a minute.

Tanya [00:24:16]:
Let's do it. 1 minute.

Ania [00:24:18]:
Let's take a breath in, hold it, and release. The second your mind starts wandering, think of the spot right in between your nose and the top of your lip. Like where your lip starts. Focus on this spot. Take a breath in.

Speaker C [00:24:46]:
Hold it, and release. Take a breath in, hold it, and release. We're going to do two more.

Ania [00:25:10]:
Take a breath in.

Speaker C [00:25:15]:
Hold it, and release.

Ania [00:25:24]:
Final breath in.

Speaker C [00:25:28]:
Hold it and release. You had your eyes closed.

Ania [00:25:40]:
You can open your eyes. Hopefully you didn't do that while driving.

Tanya [00:25:45]:
Right. I feel like I was doing it along with you and I feel like an instant relaxation, like release. Yeah.

Ania [00:25:56]:
Connecting you back into the body. Also, when we focus on our breath, our mind doesn't have time to wander because you're focusing on one thing already. So you're not focusing on, what am I making the kids for lunch today? You're focusing on your breath. So focus on your breath for those 5 minutes. Start simple. Start for a minute. Go up to 2 minutes. The day after, do 3 minutes.

Ania [00:26:18]:
The day after, do 5 minutes. If you can get up to 5 minutes without your mind going wandering, amazing. Go up to 6 minutes the day before. If your mind starts wandering at 5 minutes. Okay, go back to 4 minutes. Go back and forth a little bit. Like, what is that sweet spot for you that your mind doesn't wander? And maybe stay on that 6 minutes. Maybe it's 6 minutes for you that my mind doesn't wander.

Ania [00:26:42]:
I could stay 6 minutes in this thing. Anya calls meditation 6 minutes. So stay for 6 minutes for a week. The week after. Seven, eight. And work your way up. You don't have to start at 4 hours. You don't overwhelm yourself, mamas.

Ania [00:26:57]:
You're already overwhelming yourself with everything you're doing, right?

Tanya [00:27:02]:
Yeah. Start small.

Ania [00:27:05]:
Yes. Baby steps. Work in progress. All of us. Always.

Tanya [00:27:09]:
Yeah. I mean, the purpose of meditation is not to overwhelm. It's the opposite. Okay, awesome. All right, the next question I have for you is with your impressive resume. You're only 33 years old and you're already a published author of two books, and you spoke on public stages. You've created a thriving business, and you even have your own magazine expansion, alchemy. To what do you credit these successes and your drive?

Ania [00:27:42]:
God, hands down. God. Just my faith in God also. Yes. God first. Always hands down. But I also credit it to my. I had a friend the other day tell me that my weakness is being unrealistically optimistic.

Ania [00:28:02]:

Tanya [00:28:03]:
I don't think that's a weak. I would disagree. I feel like that's a big strength, which I agree with him.

Ania [00:28:10]:
I know where he's coming from. I get it. We all need a weakness. If that's my weakness, amazing.

Tanya [00:28:18]:

Ania [00:28:19]:
But because I'm literally unrealistically optimistic, I always have a smile on my face. I know that no matter what, even through my darkest moments, I know light is always going to come out of it. Even when I lost my business and I was like, man, what the fudge am I doing with my life? What am I doing? Constantly going in impostor syndrome? Am I supposed to be doing this? Doubting myself? All of these thoughts and fears started coming up. I actually had a smile on my face while I was freaking. The unrealistically optimistic. I'm always positive, always have a smile on my face. And I know it's going to be okay. And that's what's really gotten me to that.

Ania [00:29:03]:
Okay. Things are working out. It is. Okay.

Tanya [00:29:09]:
Okay. So your faith in God and just being positive in this strong belief that everything's going to be okay.

Ania [00:29:16]:
Unrealistically optimistic. I like that one.

Tanya [00:29:19]:
Be unrealistically optimistic. I love that. Because, I mean, the opposite of that. I don't really want to be realistic.

Ania [00:29:28]:
No. But I also, like, I need a realist in my life to bring me down to earth because I'm the pine kind of person. All right. We're on the Titanic. We're shipping, and I'm like, I'm going to swim every single make it. We're going to survive. I'm going to swim all of us out of here. That's what I.

Ania [00:29:46]:
Unrealistically optimistic. I need a realistic. It's like, no, this boat is actually, like, sinking. It's sinking people out. Pick your five favorite people.

Tanya [00:29:56]:
Oh, my God. That's so funny. In your bio, you're an Akashic records reader and I've heard of that before, but I don't really know too much about it. I'm sure they're curious of what exactly that is. So can you just explain. What exactly are the Akashic records and what sparked your interest in them.

Ania [00:30:25]:
Yeah, so the Akashic records, they're pretty much the entire blueprint of your soul, the entire timeline of while your soul has existed, all of your past lives, all of your current life, all of your future lives, everything that's pretty much existed in the existence of your soul. So all of your thoughts, all of your memories, just anything that your soul has made up with, like in the timeline of your soul's existence, you can get from the Akashic records. And it's really good to one work on healing from past lives. For example, I'm a public speaker. I love speaking publicly. Podcast stages, all of that. Love it. It's what I was born to do on this earth.

Ania [00:31:16]:
But I wasn't always like this. Yes, I had a big personality, always. But my throat chakra, I was very shy in school, even though I knew the answer, I wouldn't raise my hand because I would think someone would judge me. I would say the wrong thing. I would stumble over my words. I'm like, what the heck is going on in closed doors? I'm just like this. I'm like, there has to be something going on. I was going through this long process, months, trying to open up my throat chakra, and I was working with different crystals, I was working with different healers.

Ania [00:31:49]:
I was doing Reiki on my throat, and nothing was working. I'm like, okay, I'm going into the Akashic records. There has to be something deeper, like a deeper meaning of why this is happening to me. So I go into my Akashic records, and I saw that in a past life, I had a mother who was cheating on my father, and I was very close to my father in that lifetime, and I was very outspoken about her cheating because I was very close to my father. And she used to choke me and wrap a scarf around my neck. So I went into the Akashic records. I took the scarf off, and I saw these bruises on my neck. I healed my throat inside the Akashic records, came out of the records, and it was like a light switch switched on.

Ania [00:32:33]:
All of a sudden, I did a podcast that same day or a day after, and I was like, wait, this isn't even the same person. What happened? My throat chakra opened up. Also, the Akashic records live on a much higher dimension than our natural 3d plane is right here in human form. So the frequencies of the healings that are done are much more profound than if you're doing a healing in the 3d plane. So doing any kind of healings is that much quicker and that much more potent than just doing it in 3d life. If you're doing Reiki or any kind of energetic healings, it is that much more powerful. So those are the Akashic records. You can get anything and everything.

Ania [00:33:18]:
You can't go into other people's Akashic records. So if you got a boyfriend and you're like, am I going to marry him? Let me see from him. You can't do that. But you can see if your timeline is going to mix with him. Forewarning with that, though, is, for example, if I'm reading your Akashic records, what I see is one possibility. There are multiple possibilities, multiple timelines out there that can happen. I only see one possibility of it. I want to share a little story about that.

Ania [00:33:48]:
There was a client that came to me and she's like, I want to know if I'm going to pass this test. She was a nurse, so this will resonate with you, tanya. She's like, I want to know if I'm going to pass my nursing exam. So I'm in her records and I'm like, no, you're not going to pass it. And she got so mad at me, did not talk to me months afterwards, and I was, I'm sorry. Like, this is what I see. I'm sorry. She came to me months later and she's like, you know what? Thank you so much for telling me that.

Ania [00:34:17]:
I didn't pass my exam because I went in and I changed the way that I was studying. If I continued studying down this path, I wouldn't have passed it. I changed how I was studying. Like, I don't know what that meant because I didn't go into questions asking her how she was studying, but she changed the way she was studying and she was able to pass her test, so she needed me to tell her that, no, you're not going to pass it. So she actually did pass it.

Tanya [00:34:44]:
Okay, so, yeah, what I'm hearing is, you see, I guess, all the different endings of the story based on what could be. Based on what? Choices?

Ania [00:34:58]:
Correct. If you continue on the path that you're on now, that's the choice that I see. But have free will as humans, you can make other choices and things can happen. Like, you might decide that today, oh, I'm going to drive to New York or whatever. And on that path, you're going to meet someone, find the love of your life, and your trajectory of your life changed. If you continued, you're like, no, I'm going to stay in. Okay? Like, that's what's going to happen. That's the trajectory we have free will.

Ania [00:35:29]:
Things come and go in our lives.

Tanya [00:35:32]:
Yeah, that's so interesting. And then, too, when you were talking about the throat chakra, I'm, like, thinking, oh, my God, this is something that I need to do because it's so funny, because I literally, before we got on this call, I recorded a podcast, and I was literally speaking about this, how we can get so afraid to. And I literally said this to raise our hand in class when we're worried that we're afraid that we're going to be wrong, right? We're afraid that we're going to say the wrong thing. And ultimately, what we're afraid of is what other people will think or what they will say, and then how we might feel as a result of that. And I'm like, that happens to me. It's happened to me, and it continues to happen today. And it holds us back. It holds me back.

Tanya [00:36:20]:
And I'm just like, shoot. This is something that 100% I need to look into. And I'm wondering, too, when you say you read the Akashic records, I'm assuming it's not a book.

Ania [00:36:34]:
It is a quote unquote book. However, it's a book living in the ethereal world.

Tanya [00:36:39]:

Ania [00:36:40]:
I might see this book, but I'm not actually physically going to a library and opening up your book of records. But I am going up to another dimension to talk to your guides, to grab your book. And that's where I open up your book and see what I see.

Tanya [00:36:57]:
That is so cool. I am just intrigued by this and how you even go about training for this.

Ania [00:37:07]:
Yeah. So I learned about the Akashic records, and I'm like, and this is cool. Kind of how you are right now. On my spiritual path, I was already channeling. I had a channel coach at the moment to teach me and help me with my channeling and talking to spirits and all of this stuff. And I was very into the Akashic records. I did a few readings with several different record readers, and then I really resonated with this one woman. So I saw out if she had a program that she teaches how to read the Akashic records, and sure enough, she did.

Ania [00:37:41]:
So I studied under her. That's how I learned.

Tanya [00:37:44]:
Okay. I am just so intrigued by it. This is just something that lights me up, and I'm sure we could go on forever, but I want to get into. Maybe we could do that. Maybe a different podcast episode. Who knows?

Ania [00:37:57]:
I could talk on for days about everything.

Tanya [00:38:00]:
Yes, you're just like a wealth of information. But I wanted to know, what advice would you give to moms who feel overwhelmed and stuck in their current circumstances, but they aspire to create a life of abundance and joy.

Ania [00:38:17]:
Yeah, just start off simple. That same mentor that told me we can't micromanage the universe, she also told me, if you're going to manifest anything, manifest happiness first. Happiness comes from the inside of us. It doesn't come from the external world. It doesn't come from how much money we have in our bank accounts, what fancy cars we drive, what fancy purses we're wearing. Yeah, those things are great. Material objects are great sometimes, but that's not real happiness. Like, manifest happiness first.

Ania [00:38:53]:
Find quiet the mind, go to meditation, open up your heart, and truly work on yourself. So you're unrealistically optimistic all of the time and constantly have a smile on your face and just so happy with life. Because the happier that we are in life, the easier our life truly gets. That's when we start living in Korea, and life just starts beautifully flowing to us. And then it really feels like we're driving in a car and all of a sudden, all of the lights start turning green and you're like, oh, I'm having a great day. It's because you're constantly elevating yourself and raising your vibration. And you do that by doing things that you love, doing things that you like. Yes, your kids are great, amazing.

Ania [00:39:40]:
But don't forget about yourself. We often forget about ourselves. We forget about filling our own cups. So spend some time every single day filling your own cup, whether it's listening to some fun music, dancing around in your undies, listening to this music while your kids go to bed or going for a jog, whatever. Make sure you're focusing on yourself first, because if you're not focusing on yourself, no one else is going to focus on you.

Tanya [00:40:09]:
That's true. Yeah. And you got to build yourself up so that you can then, because I know, I think a lot of moms out, they just want to be a good mom, and they do want to sacrifice for their kids. And I feel like we've been brought up in my religion and just maybe our culture, that everybody comes first, and that's how we show our love, is self sacrifice. But how can you really help somebody to your fullest ability when you're not at 100%? You just can't. Then you build up resentment.

Ania [00:40:54]:
Yes, 100%. You are going to be a much better mother if you focus on yourself first. I recently worked with a client who was a dad and he just went through this entire process that he started going into resenting his children because he was giving everything, everything to his children. And I'm like, when are you focusing on you? You need to focus on you. Yes. It's great that you're doing this and you want to be a great father and the child doesn't have his mother in its way, but you need to focus on you. The same goes to ladies. We need to focus on us.

Ania [00:41:32]:
We are going to be much better mothers, much better daughters, much better lovers, much better wives by focusing on us because we come first and then everything.

Speaker C [00:41:44]:
Else will fall into place after that.

Tanya [00:41:48]:
Yeah. You have to be alive in order to.

Ania [00:41:53]:

Tanya [00:41:53]:
In order to help your kids. I mean, really well, if you're just.

Ania [00:41:58]:
Giving, you're going to give yourself to the grave.

Tanya [00:42:02]:
Yeah, I know. It's important to us to give. It's important to me, too, to serve and to feel purposeful. I feel like the purpose of our life is to help others. But I think we can help other people best by also we have to take care of our needs, too. We can't forget about ourselves. All right, everyone, so before we wrap up, as promised, anya has something special for you today. She's going to guide us in a quick meditation practice.

Tanya [00:42:40]:
Right, anya?

Ania [00:42:41]:
Yes, I am.

Speaker C [00:42:43]:

Ania [00:42:44]:
I know this episode is going to launch a little bit after when we're recording, but today is Valentine's Day.

Tanya [00:42:54]:
Happy Valentine's Day.

Ania [00:42:55]:
Happy Valentine's Day, guys. I don't know when launch, but happy Valentine's Day. And Tanya Valentine. So I figured we're going to give ourselves a little bit of self love because we just wrapped up talking about giving, giving. So let's give ourselves and wrap ourselves in this little joy of love.

Speaker C [00:43:15]:
So get yourselves comfortable.

Ania [00:43:18]:
Do not be driving while doing this short little meditation.

Speaker C [00:43:22]:
So if you are driving, pull over or press pause and return to it later.

Ania [00:43:28]:
Feel free to close your eyes.

Speaker C [00:43:29]:
Get comfortable.

Ania [00:43:32]:
Let's start by taking a deep breath in.

Speaker C [00:43:37]:
Hold it and release. Take another breath in. Hold it and release. And a final breath in. Hold it and release. Now, I want you to envision this beautiful, golden white light coming from the ethers, from the cosmos, from the sky, from the heavens, from whatever you resonate with, coming down and showering you in this beautiful golden light. As this beautiful golden light comes and approaches your body, it's going to clear and activate every single one of your chakras, one of your energy centers. We have these energy centers inside of our bodies to connect to the different energies.

Speaker C [00:44:58]:
So as it goes down, it's going to start at our crown chakra on top of our heads, just clearing and activating your crown chakra. This is your connection to the divine, your connection to your intuition, just clearing and activating your crown. And this beautiful golden light continues down into your third eye located at the center of your forehead, clearing and activating your third eye. This is your spiritual eYe. Everything that you can see that is not seen from this WOrLD. Cleaning and activating your third eye. As this beautiful light continues down going into your throat chakra. Cleaning and activating your throat chakra.

Speaker C [00:46:05]:
This is your communication so you don't feel that judgment as we spoke about. So you can fully step into Your vOice, your power. Cleaning and activating your throat chakra. As this beautiful light goes down, going to go down into your heart chakra. Cleaning and activating your heart chakra so that you can love, love more fully, love better, love others, but more importantly, so you can love yourself. Cleaning and activating your heart chakra. This beautiful golden light is going to keep going down into your solar PleXUS. Cleaning and activating your solar plexus.

Speaker C [00:47:11]:
Continuing down into your sacral, your power, your sexuality, your creativity, your creativity to create the life that you've always desired, the life of abundance, the life of joy, the life that you've always wanted. Cleaning and activating your sacral chakra, continuing down into your root chakra, clearing, cleaning and activating your root, your groundedness. Cleaning and activating your root. And as this beautiful light continues down into the earth, connecting you to the grounds of the mother, the beautiful lava of the earth, the core, the center. Because you are all, you are the earth, you are the universe. It is all connected. All of a sudden you see a beautiful red light spinning in front of your heart center. As spinning and spinning, this light becomes brighter and brighter, bigger and bigger.

Speaker C [00:48:40]:
And all of a sudden this light goes all around you and you are in this beautiful red bubble. Feel free to put your hands over your heart. And as this light is spinning from the outside of you, send yourself some love. Where in your body have you been neglecting yourself? Where in your life have you been neglecting yourself? Have you not had time for yourself? For the things that you love? Because you've been so worried about giving to your family, to your children. Send love to yourself, send love to your heart and send forgiveness to your heart. I forgive you that I've neglected you. I'm sorry that I've neglected you. Please forgive me that I've neglected you.

Speaker C [00:50:05]:
I love you. I love you. I love you. Feel free to spend about a minute inside your heart center, speaking to your heart as she is constantly beating. That she is constantly thriving. That she has never disappointed you, as she is there working every single day for you. Send love to your heart. Spend some time with yourself and communicate with her.

Speaker C [00:51:38]:
Now that you've established this beautiful relationship with your heart all over again, I want you to remind yourself that you're going to revisit her. You're going to promise yourself that nothing is too important than your heart. And you promise yourself that you're going to revisit her and give her the love and attention that she deserves. I'm going to slowly start pulling you out of this meditation, and I'm going to do that by counting down from five to one. Five. Four. Take a deep breath in. Hold it and release.

Tanya [00:52:41]:

Speaker C [00:52:42]:
Feel free to start moving your fingers, moving your toes. Two. Shrugging your shoulders, maybe stretching a little bit. And one. When you are ready, you can open your eyes.

Tanya [00:53:03]:
Oh, my gosh. I feel so relaxed. Oh, my gosh, you guys. I hope you all did that with us. If you didn't, like, if you were driving, please make note of what minute we were at and come back to this and do that meditation because I feel so much better. I didn't realize how tense I was. Right?

Ania [00:53:30]:
I saw you.

Tanya [00:53:32]:
You were moving.

Ania [00:53:33]:
And then when we sat into the heart center, I saw you. Like, you perched up and you're like, yes, love, send love to my heart. It was so beautiful.

Tanya [00:53:43]:
That was so awesome. Anya, thank you so much. And everyone, I encourage you to connect with Anya. She is definitely a fascinating, badass chick who truly is an example of what is possible. When you have faith, you listen to your intuition and you trust in the process, even when it doesn't make sense. Anya left a comfortable corporate job and bought a one way ticket to Thailand to pursue her dreams. Saying that out loud doesn't make a lot of sense. And look where it has brought her today.

Tanya [00:54:20]:
She lives her life with passion and fulfillment and she is helping others all around the world do the same. Remember, life is happening for you, not to you. And I hope this episode has brought to you what you needed today, that it sparked something in you. You've got untapped potential in there just waiting to be set free. And before we go, I just want to give a big thank you to all of you have taken the time to give the show a rating and review. And if you haven't yet, I would so appreciate it if you would just take a minute to subscribe, rate and review this podcast as this helps me reach more women like you. And please have a wonderful week everyone, and take care. Hey there, it's me again.

Tanya [00:55:07]:
I forgot to ask Anya how to share how you all could get in touch with her. So I'm going to share this with you now. You can check out her website which is That's It is here where you can purchase her book Rebels Guide to spirituality, but this can also be found on Amazon as well. On her website you can access a free meditation or even learn how to work with her directly. And if you have a business or a brand, or maybe you're thinking about creating a business or a brand, I encourage you to select from the dropdown menu design alchemy to explore her portfolio of beautifully crafted graphics for logos, websites and marketing materials. Anya definitely has an eye for design and she uses her artistic talents and intuition to create visuals that will help align yourself with your ideal clients.

Tanya [00:56:08]:
You can connect with Anya on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok by searching for Anya halama. She's also on Instagram at anyatravels. She has a private Facebook group called Expansionalchemy which is expansion beginning with the letter xxpansion and then alchemy and then also she can be found on Pinterest at expansionalchemy as well. And her podcast is called awaken your inner alchemy. Note that I will also provide direct links to the various ways you can connect with Anya in the show. Notes a big thank you again to Anya for taking the time to come on the show and provide great value to myself and our community. Have an amazing week, everyone.

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