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Game Plan for Life 2.0: Google Drive Hacks & Self-Care Tips 

In this engaging episode, I bring back organizational expert Nikki Morris, wife of LA Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, to uncover her top-notch organization strategies and holistic self-care tips.


Nikki generously shares her arsenal of free apps that streamline organization. She extols the virtues of Soon, an app that categorizes to-do lists and tracks completed tasks, doubling as a book reference. Her standout recommendation, Google Drive, revolutionizes organization by compartmentalizing family folders into subfolders—birth certificates, medical records, and even a comprehensive ‘If I Die’ folder, essentially an SOP for running a household. This accessible database lightens the burden of searching for essential information, accessible anytime, anywhere.


Beyond organizational mastery, Nikki delves into the importance of self-care. From weekly self-care days, embracing personalized naturopathic health routines, functional mushrooms, to indulging in baths and magnesium soaks, her tips resonate with finding balance and relaxation. She advocates for daily affirmations, self-date nights, and taking moments to be present as essential elements in her self-care regimen. Above all, she advocates for allowing oneself to process challenging emotions rather than pushing through, advocating the healing power of acknowledging and embracing tough feelings.


Nikki’s mantra “let one bad day be one bad day” encapsulates her philosophy of resilience and self-compassion, inspiring listeners to adopt a more nurturing and balanced approach to life.


Tune in to gain invaluable insights into efficient organization techniques and nurturing self-care practices, all delivered with Nikki’s signature warmth and wisdom.

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Tanya: Okay. Welcome to another episode of the momentum, podcast the show dedicated to inspiring, uplifting, and empowering women on their journey through motherhood. I'm your host, Tanya Valentine. And today Nikki Morris is back for round 2 of teaching us all how we can organize our lives. Nikki. Thank you so much for coming back, and I'm excited to get to learn again from you today.

00:00:42.050 --> 00:00:44.390
Nicole Morris: Awesome. Thank you for having me.

00:00:47.250 --> 00:00:49.629
Tanya: Yes, tell us all about

00:00:49.880 --> 00:00:53.899
Tanya: all the organizing things, all of your wisdom that you have to share.

00:00:53.950 --> 00:00:56.180
Nicole Morris: Okay, so

00:00:56.580 --> 00:01:04.839
Nicole Morris: first off, I want to say that I had come across a quote, and it said, for every minute spent in organizing an hour and is earned

00:01:05.140 --> 00:01:20.809
Nicole Morris: and I just think it's super important to have that in the back of your mind, because sometimes people think being organized is like a type, a personality, and you have to be this certain person to do it. But the reality is, there's like benefits from it, you know.

00:01:20.880 --> 00:01:35.170
Tanya: totally. And yeah, Dale, it was Dale Carnegie. This is something that I always come back to, too, and it's like along the same lines. Dale, Carnegie said. An hour of time spent planning gives you 10 h back.

00:01:35.200 --> 00:01:36.270
Nicole Morris: Right?

00:01:36.280 --> 00:01:39.159
Nicole Morris: Yeah. So there's like, pay off to the craziness.

00:01:39.210 --> 00:01:45.289
Tanya: Yeah, yeah, definitely, it's like, and it's an investment that pays off exponentially

00:01:45.490 --> 00:01:46.390
Nicole Morris: correct.

00:01:46.640 --> 00:01:48.200
Nicole Morris: Yeah, okay, go ahead.

00:01:48.220 --> 00:01:59.210
Nicole Morris: I think I'll start by this app, that is available for download. And it's called soon SOON,

00:01:59.830 --> 00:02:08.810
Nicole Morris: it's basically an app that once you open it up, there's all these categories, podcast places, hotels, movies.

00:02:09.180 --> 00:02:21.770
Nicole Morris: TV series, music stores, books, restaurants. Right? So I come across things. And I usually make notes pages on my phone. But it gets like loud and in my face and disorganized, and

00:02:21.810 --> 00:02:24.419
Nicole Morris: I just don't like the way it flows.

00:02:24.530 --> 00:02:34.159
Nicole Morris: So this app, instead of me making the notes page. I go on the app, and it's categorized. So it's all the things that you want to do soon.

00:02:34.520 --> 00:02:46.579
Nicole Morris: Go to soon watch soon read soon. And then, so you add them to the list right? And then, once you've completed it, or gone there, or read it, or

00:02:46.590 --> 00:02:49.740
Nicole Morris: you know visited that place. You hit done

00:02:50.010 --> 00:02:55.160
Nicole Morris: so. The cool thing is, someone's like, Hey, what's a good book you read.

00:02:55.220 --> 00:03:06.330
Nicole Morris: and I just go to my soon app and I go to my done list. And I say, Oh, this was a great one, or it's in my zoom where, like, maybe you tell me a book that

00:03:06.980 --> 00:03:29.229
Nicole Morris: you liked, and I, instead of putting it in like this loud notes page, or write it down on a piece of paper and obviously lose it. It just goes into this app. So I'm like, Oh, I'm ready to read another book. Let me pick one from my like. I want to read zoom, so it's it's an app that I don't know. It works for me, and it keeps me

00:03:29.320 --> 00:03:39.670
Nicole Morris: organize with future things that I want to do, and it also keeps things organized for the things that I have done. If that makes sense. So it's kind of like, really, library.

00:03:39.890 --> 00:03:49.870
Tanya: Yeah, I like that. That's a really clever idea. And is that is that a free app, or oh, I'm gonna

00:03:50.090 --> 00:04:02.330
Nicole Morris: Cassie had told me about it because she's like, I can't believe you're still like over here, writing notes, pages in your office like Super Techy worked for Google. She always has, like all the

00:04:02.400 --> 00:04:13.370
Nicole Morris: new things. She's the one that introduced me to Google drive, which is what I'm gonna go into next. But she always just left every time I'm around her. She just laughs at me, cause she like teaches me something

00:04:13.640 --> 00:04:32.489
Nicole Morris: knew about like organization stuff that I can simply do on my phone because she knows how organized I mentioned just lasted some of my old school methods. So like I'm slowly evolving, and the soon app is one like that I absolutely love. And I especially if you're a reader. Because you can then, like, follow friends on it.

00:04:32.900 --> 00:04:46.080
Tanya: and like, I can see, like the stuff that you've done, or and you can rate the books, things like that. I don't know. It's it's really cool, so you can download it. And then you can like, invite people to it. Oh, I'm definitely doing this?

00:04:46.110 --> 00:05:12.349
Nicole Morris: Yeah, it's it's really neat, because it's like so organized and like mindless for someone to start instead of like feeling overwhelmed on like how to start getting lists going or seeing seeing things like on paper. It yeah, kind of just dump into it. And then it like results like a list of what you want to do soon, and then keeps things once you've done them

00:05:12.620 --> 00:05:23.809
Nicole Morris: so like it's also a reflection thing. I don't know. I love the app. I think it's great for all people, not just moms. But you know, you can also make your own categories. And to get to. However, you want?

00:05:24.370 --> 00:05:29.329
Nicole Morris: Okay? Yeah. So then, my next biggest thing, which is

00:05:30.100 --> 00:05:35.910
Nicole Morris: gosh, I would die without Google drive. I agree.

00:05:35.920 --> 00:05:54.439
Nicole Morris: I don't know what my life was before it. For anyone that doesn't know. It's free. I believe it's free up until you need like more storage. It's kind of like icloud type thing, you know, like, you buy more storage on the phone.

00:05:54.790 --> 00:06:03.310
Nicole Morris: But you basically start with like a blank canvas. And then you can create folders. So like for me.

00:06:04.270 --> 00:06:13.420
Nicole Morris: I'm running my life, and I manage a lot of my husband's life, and the kids lives and sports and all this stuff houses

00:06:13.800 --> 00:06:28.050
Nicole Morris: I need like a database to go to. That's like, always on my phone, because if I'm traveling or out and about, I hate if I can't have it at my fingertips. So Google drives like on my

00:06:29.000 --> 00:06:38.179
Nicole Morris: laptop on my phone, basically my phone when I take it with me, it says if my computer is there because all I have to do is log into the drive, right?

00:06:38.270 --> 00:06:46.499
Nicole Morris: So like, I can be anywhere without my computer, but still feel that my computer is with me, with all of like my brains in it.

00:06:46.720 --> 00:06:57.010
Nicole Morris: Yeah, so what I do is I literally create folders for everything. I don't even know how many folders are in my Google drive.

00:06:57.160 --> 00:07:00.750
Nicole Morris: But to start, there's one for each family member.

00:07:01.400 --> 00:07:03.719
Nicole Morris: so there'll be one with.

00:07:03.750 --> 00:07:09.419
Nicole Morris: you know. One is Raheem, one's Amaya, one's Jalen, one's Malia, one's Nicole.

00:07:10.070 --> 00:07:21.890
Nicole Morris: and then within each one of those are their own folders. So, for instance, Jalen's and you know the kids, actually, Raheem's. And I have it, too. What am I talking about? Birth, certificate.

00:07:22.560 --> 00:07:23.720
Nicole Morris: blood type.

00:07:24.060 --> 00:07:33.540
Nicole Morris: passport driver's license vaccine records. So you click into Nicole and then under that there'll be all these folders.

00:07:33.720 --> 00:07:45.339
Nicole Morris: What type? So open birth certificate? And there's a picture of my birth certificate, and the best thing is is you do it with your phone. So you just take a picture of your birth certificate and then you like upload it.

00:07:45.730 --> 00:07:51.210
Nicole Morris: Yeah, it's so simple. It's almost like a scanner. Yeah, but

00:07:51.340 --> 00:08:12.789
Nicole Morris: literally at like your fingertips with a phone. That's the so any where I am. If I need anything, it's all there. I mean, we have a tab for car insurance dental insurance health insurance. I have a house contacts tab where we have, like Handyman House cleaner electrician.

00:08:13.140 --> 00:08:22.640
Nicole Morris: you know, and that's for each house. So like we have a lake house, and then we have the house here in California. So I have those houses as their own folders.

00:08:22.730 --> 00:08:25.639
Nicole Morris: and then you go in and can find anything you need.

00:08:25.790 --> 00:08:37.620
Nicole Morris:  We have a tab for like addresses, one for banking life insurance policies, home insurance policies, taxes in tax folder is, you know, donations.

00:08:37.710 --> 00:08:41.330
Nicole Morris: tax payments made, estimates made

00:08:41.740 --> 00:08:45.460
Nicole Morris: receipts that can be written off. So

00:08:45.920 --> 00:08:53.899
Nicole Morris: like all I have to do is share that folder with my account. Here you go like at the end of the year, like, here's the here's the file. Here's like

00:08:53.910 --> 00:09:02.380
Nicole Morris: just snap pictures and throw it on. It's amazing because you can share with people. Right? So my husband has access to it.

00:09:02.530 --> 00:09:03.620
Nicole Morris: Yeah.

00:09:04.320 --> 00:09:11.740
Nicole Morris: I even have like a crazy folder called, if I die! Oh, my God!

00:09:22.550 --> 00:09:32.989
Nicole Morris: As far as me, like managing everyone's life! And and I had talked about like the surgery that I had to have a liver surgery, and I didn't know if I was gonna be down for

00:09:33.370 --> 00:09:40.979
Nicole Morris: a week or 2 months. I didn't know what was gonna happen and what life was gonna be. So I do have this if I dive, because

00:09:41.140 --> 00:09:47.150
Nicole Morris: I always tell my husband if I die, if I die, just go to the folder.

00:09:47.160 --> 00:09:53.419
Nicole Morris: and my cousin has access to it. She has access to it, because.

00:09:53.820 --> 00:10:04.399
Nicole Morris: like no one would know the passwords to all this stuff, or like how the bills are paid. And you know, the kids information like, you know.

00:10:04.610 --> 00:10:07.120
Nicole Morris: I just, I think as a mom.

00:10:07.500 --> 00:10:25.599
Nicole Morris: I never thought about it like before having kids. And then once you have kids, you're like, Oh, my gosh! If I die, what is my kids life going to be or like, who's gonna manage all the stuff that's like in my brain. Right? Oh, yeah, is Marvin as it sounds, there's an if I die folder.

00:10:26.020 --> 00:10:33.639
Nicole Morris: and it's basically just like the standard operating procedures.

00:10:33.800 --> 00:10:45.700
Nicole Morris: just everything. The kids schedules, their doctors, I mean, everything's in Google drive. But there is this folder that I am building out called, If I die, oh, that is so smart.

00:10:45.830 --> 00:10:51.440
Tanya: I think we could just do a podcast episode just on that like that is so smart.

00:10:53.730 --> 00:11:01.929
Nicole Morris: Yeah, I mean. it's crazy. But that Google drive is literally my life

00:11:02.760 --> 00:11:06.719
Nicole Morris: in files like, accessible on my

00:11:07.160 --> 00:11:08.000
Nicole Morris: phone.

00:11:08.390 --> 00:11:21.009
Tanya: Now, do you have? And I like the idea because it reduces the paper clutter. And then my next question was, Do you also keep the papers? Or once you take the picture, and it's in the Google drive holder. Then do you shred the papers.

00:11:21.090 --> 00:11:48.599
Nicole Morris: the tax stuff, anything that I keep in a folder? Their stuff gets shredded because I really don't need it. I do. That's all that birth certificates, passports, vaccine records. They're all kept in my like in a safe. But they are also electronically like. For instance, you sign the kid. The holidays are coming up right and sending the kids to like a nature account

00:11:48.750 --> 00:11:53.640
Nicole Morris: they asked for, like some some of the mass reverse certificates or vaccine records like.

00:11:53.650 --> 00:12:12.650
Nicole Morris: I don't have to sit and like worry to find where I have to go, find that it's literally in my Google drive. I just. And that saves you time. It's it's because it saves you time looking for things right? Correct. So everyone's always asking, how can you get this information so fast? Well, my Google drive? It's literally at my finger.

00:12:12.740 --> 00:12:18.960
Nicole Morris: Oh, so good! Take the folder, and as long as you have it organize. It's like super

00:12:19.230 --> 00:12:34.089
Nicole Morris: easy. It's not overwhelming because you're starting this from scratch. So like, however, your brain works is kind of how you set it up. So my brain worked for like each family member having their thing, you know. Yeah.

Nicole Morris:  So it it's helpful. It's super easy to use.

00:13:58.810 --> 00:14:07.449
Nicole Morris: and I feel like it's a tool that has changed my life. I love it. What I did without it.

00:14:07.690 --> 00:14:19.240
Tanya: Yeah, I agree. I agree. I started using it, too. And it it is very helpful. And it helps reduce the paper clutter and just everything that you're saying. Just it helps save time.

00:14:19.250 --> 00:14:21.700
Tanya: and you can

00:14:21.770 --> 00:14:25.400
Tanya: share the information easily with others.

00:14:25.440 --> 00:14:29.469
Tanya: Which is great. And I had.

00:14:29.730 --> 00:14:36.069
Nicole Morris: what's that for a company? It's great. Because, like, yeah. So I'm using it to run like a household. You know.

00:14:36.140 --> 00:14:41.960
Nicole Morris: our company. I'm starting like this personal project right now. And

00:14:42.090 --> 00:14:46.210
Nicole Morris: I just started a Google drive for that. So it's like

00:14:46.240 --> 00:14:53.790
Nicole Morris: Lllc information folder an ein folder a taxes folder, an expense folder.

00:14:54.500 --> 00:15:00.299
Nicole Morris: So even for a business like to get creative like, it's super organizing

00:15:00.460 --> 00:15:26.330
Nicole Morris: for all aspects of life. You could do anything with it. Workouts. Yeah, you know, no matter what your business platform is, it's useful. It doesn't just have to be. For like a mom, you know. Yeah, it's just a way of yeah organizing your ideas, your life into one place. And if you have it on your phone, which you're, gonna you can have it on your phone, you have it accessible to you wherever you are

00:15:26.470 --> 00:15:30.310
Nicole Morris: correct. If you're out traveling, you could log into

00:15:30.360 --> 00:15:45.579
Nicole Morris: any computer, you could log into your Google account. And then you go to your drive and like that computer that you happen to be on for that week while you're traveling, it virtually becomes your computer at home, even though you're not like around, you know.

00:15:45.720 --> 00:15:49.860
Tanya: Right? Right? And I had a question, too. Was just curious.

00:15:50.180 --> 00:15:58.829
Tanya: So do you declutter. The folders like do go in every so often and like archive things that you don't no longer need

00:15:58.880 --> 00:16:20.529
Nicole Morris: no cause anything that goes. I guess I can't say no, yes, so like if I have a house, you know, we used to live in Atlanta, so I used to have a house folder for Atlanta once we sold that house, and I didn't, and it was close out, and we were like done with that chapter. I did delete the folder cause there's really like, have it, you know.

00:16:21.260 --> 00:16:40.359
Nicole Morris: but I do also. Sometimes, you know, you get emails, and there's like attachments like a Pdf file, or whatever. Sometimes on the bottom of the email, you can just click the attachment and hit. Add to drive, and it'll just add to your folder, but it won't organize it. So then there's times where I add stuff, add stuff, and then, like.

00:16:40.360 --> 00:17:02.799
Nicole Morris: you know, I'll I'll log in and see a bunch of loose folders like hang in the bottom of my drive, not in the sub folders that I made, and then I just drop them where they need to be so. It's not something that you have to maintain like meticulously every day. You can just kind of drop things in there and then go back and like, organize them to the way that you want, or how your brand would want that in the folders, you know.

00:17:03.560 --> 00:17:10.959
Nicole Morris: Okay, Gotcha. But yeah, you can. You can add folders. You can do excel sheets like I have ex an expense.

00:17:11.450 --> 00:17:17.209
Nicole Morris: an expense one. I have one like. I could tell you exactly how much it cost for me to run my Lake House

00:17:17.500 --> 00:17:36.979
Nicole Morris: like each year because I they have a Google excel sheet. So I have under the Lake House tab. I have expenses, and then I have electric cable, you know, water, so I can put those totals in and then see what it is a month to run the house and what it is a year.

00:17:38.430 --> 00:17:40.110
Nicole Morris: So

00:17:40.220 --> 00:17:43.039
Nicole Morris: yeah, you can add and delete as you want

00:17:44.470 --> 00:17:47.579
Nicole Morris: customizable.

00:17:47.730 --> 00:17:57.800
Nicole Morris: and I love it. I can't say enough good about it. I I know this ended up being like an advertisement for Google. Oh, I mean, I just don't know like

00:17:57.810 --> 00:18:01.650
Nicole Morris: once you see it, and how easy it is

00:18:01.820 --> 00:18:17.639
Nicole Morris: it? It's free, right? Free. If you have a phone, yeah, it changes your life. I mean, people are always like, how do you have that on your phone? And I said, all you do is take a picture and upload it like I don't need to go home now, like, find the kids vaccine record. It's right here, you know.

00:18:17.720 --> 00:18:20.139
Nicole Morris: or dental record, or like any of this stuff.

00:18:20.570 --> 00:18:22.010
Tanya: So it's pretty smart.

00:18:22.460 --> 00:18:28.930
Nicole Morris: Yeah, so anyway, I love the zoom app. And I love the Google Drive App. And I think

00:18:29.590 --> 00:18:37.169
Nicole Morris: if anyone is trying to start somewhere to get a little bit more like function in their life organizing.

00:18:37.250 --> 00:18:43.750
Nicole Morris: you know, all different aspects without starting a paper trail. Go for these apps like.

00:18:43.950 --> 00:18:52.409
Tanya: yeah, clutter gets out of control like, I don't know about you like when especially when you have kids and they come home with

00:18:53.100 --> 00:19:12.529
Tanya: I mean, you can't put there, although you can. Actually, you know, what I have done is I have started to take pictures of some of the kids crafts and stuff that they put that they bring home. I take pictures of them instead of keeping them right. And then I can just save that in my phone, because, oh, the paper clutter it.

00:19:12.680 --> 00:19:19.050
Nicole Morris: But you could, you know, you could have like a Google folder that, says Lucia. And under there you could write artwork.

00:19:19.110 --> 00:19:22.759
Nicole Morris: And then artwork. That's where all your photos get dropped.

00:19:23.000 --> 00:19:24.900
Tanya: Yeah, that's beautiful.

00:19:25.060 --> 00:19:25.960
Nicole Morris: Yeah.

00:19:26.330 --> 00:19:33.059
Tanya: And you could even self categorize those to like the their ages right like artwork. And then

00:19:33.100 --> 00:19:58.369
Nicole Morris: team birth certificates, not necessarily under each individual person. I just works.

00:19:58.650 --> 00:20:02.929
Nicole Morris: I wanna know I need the birth certificate for Jalen. So my first brain

00:20:03.270 --> 00:20:07.009
Nicole Morris: wave to go to is Jalen. So then I picked.

00:20:07.130 --> 00:20:15.950
Nicole Morris: But I could have just done birth certificates and dumped us. But I separate because, you know, when they're older I can just share malia her folder.

00:20:16.410 --> 00:20:24.220
Tanya: Yeah, I like that. I like that. You just said. It's however, your brain works too like don't try and squeeze

00:20:24.740 --> 00:20:51.889
Nicole Morris: square into a circle or a circle into a square peg, right? Like, just make it work for you. Don't. Yeah. Don't like try to conform or be like someone. I, we're all right, and there's no right or wrong way. It's just whatever is right for you. Yeah. Because if you try and go outside of like your boundary that works for you. So for me, putting it into each individual's name.

00:20:51.890 --> 00:21:05.819
Nicole Morris: that if if you're gonna try and do that, but your brain doesn't flow that way. Then you're gonna be lost in like trying to find. Just go with how like the the direction that your brand would go. And oh, if I needed to find

00:21:05.860 --> 00:21:12.529
Nicole Morris: her birth certificate like, what would I? Where would I look for it first and then make the phone that way?

00:21:12.620 --> 00:21:28.430
Nicole Morris: Because that's why, as you're gonna just waste time trying to do something that works for someone but doesn't work. Nothing has to be perfect. It just has to be perfect for you, not for you know. Yeah, love it.

00:21:28.780 --> 00:21:39.749
Nicole Morris: And perfect is probably not the right word to use, because we're not going for perfection here. We're going for growth. But just, you know something that like works?

00:21:40.010 --> 00:21:54.239
Tanya: Yes, love it. Okay, alright. So we did Google, do you have anything else to talk about? Google drive or want to move on to the next thing. That was it. And then I think we're going to talk about a little bit of self care. I feel like, okay. You know, I sit here and I'm like.

00:21:54.640 --> 00:21:55.510
Nicole Morris: How about

00:21:55.660 --> 00:22:00.670
Nicole Morris: all my shit together with apps and organizing and stuff? But what

00:22:00.770 --> 00:22:03.519
Nicole Morris: I'll be honest about is self. Care

00:22:03.950 --> 00:22:15.289
Nicole Morris: is so important when you're like controlling and taking care and organizing all these other parts of your life. I find you know that I need to pour back into myself?

00:22:15.420 --> 00:22:17.890
Nicole Morris: And I think

00:22:18.150 --> 00:22:27.980
Nicole Morris: that a lot of people forget to do it, and they don't realize even just a little bit of self care can give so many benefits and carry you a long way.

00:22:28.210 --> 00:22:31.530
Tanya: I was just gonna share a couple

00:22:31.910 --> 00:22:47.389
Nicole Morris: things that I do some. I could do better, some I could do more, some I could get rid of, but just things that work. So maybe. Umhm, if you're looking to add some things. Maybe some of these would resonate with you.

00:22:48.080 --> 00:23:00.160
Nicole Morris: for one of the things I do is I schedule myself one day a week where I don't run errands so like today that day, like I'm home for the day. I'm not going grocery shopping.

00:23:00.360 --> 00:23:03.409
Nicole Morris: I'm not running to ups. I'm not going to target like

00:23:03.640 --> 00:23:08.200
Nicole Morris: I drop the kids off, and I'm in sweatpants for the day

00:23:08.300 --> 00:23:12.570
Nicole Morris: in the walls of my house, and I'm not leaving unless it's emergency.

00:23:12.770 --> 00:23:15.570
Nicole Morris: or until it's time to go get the kids.

00:23:15.590 --> 00:23:26.659
Nicole Morris: because I find I kind of get out and about. And I hit the grocery store, and then I drive by a home goods, or you know whatever it is. And then I find myself out and about.

00:23:26.840 --> 00:23:36.180
Nicole Morris: and then tired. And I just realized there's gonna be one day a week where it's about me, and I don't get like noise in my head and

00:23:36.430 --> 00:23:39.909
Nicole Morris: pull off and sidetrack and add something to my plate. So

00:23:40.350 --> 00:23:49.579
Nicole Morris: I used to do like Tuesdays, for instance, like Tuesdays, are my self care days. And like, I'm just gonna be at home. And it's only gonna be about me.

00:23:49.800 --> 00:24:03.240
Nicole Morris: It kind of doesn't work that way because things come up appointments whatever. So now I just try and pick a day that will work that week. I you know, on a Sunday, I'm like, what day can I set aside here? What day can I make work for

00:24:03.590 --> 00:24:17.189
Nicole Morris: that day this week. Yeah, this this week. It doesn't have to be the same day. But when can I? And if you don't have a full day, even like 2 h, just where one benefitting. But you, it's only about you.

00:24:17.390 --> 00:24:19.280
Nicole Morris: I think it's like a mom

00:24:20.390 --> 00:24:21.710
Nicole Morris: you're doing

00:24:21.820 --> 00:24:24.500
Nicole Morris: constantly laundry

00:24:24.590 --> 00:24:26.819
Nicole Morris: dropping kids off sport.

00:24:26.960 --> 00:24:34.919
Nicole Morris: There just has to be a window of time where no one benefits but you. And I'm like, really working on that.

00:24:35.050 --> 00:24:48.849
Tanya: Yeah, you need that time to like to breathe. And just I talked to to Ally Ambrose. We talked about this a couple of weeks ago, when I had her on actually go all the episode aired today. But yeah, you just need that time to be with self

00:24:49.530 --> 00:24:54.550
Nicole Morris: just at a quiet time, to like, hear your own thoughts and get to know yourself

00:24:54.590 --> 00:25:01.819
Tanya: and what it is because I feel like as moms. and even not even just as moms

00:25:02.700 --> 00:25:11.040
Tanya: God, this is like human beings like living in this world like we get so disconnected for who we are.

00:25:11.120 --> 00:25:13.510
Tanya: Yeah, like, I found it like this.

00:25:15.250 --> 00:25:19.690
Tanya: just like these past couple years has been for me like

00:25:20.700 --> 00:25:28.479
Tanya: a journey of self discovery, and I'm still trying to figure out who the heck I am. Right. I that's why.

00:25:29.120 --> 00:25:36.870
Nicole Morris: But time, if you. If you give yourself time, you can kind of find things that. Yeah, you need the quiet, though.

00:25:36.930 --> 00:25:38.719
Tanya: Need to be with yourself.

00:25:38.830 --> 00:25:41.869
Nicole Morris: Yeah. I think that's

00:25:42.020 --> 00:25:56.790
Nicole Morris: yeah, so I don't know. I think like that self care day, or whatever you can fit in, is important. There's other things I do. I take vitamin specific to my body. I work with. Dr. Nicky, out here with aloha

00:25:57.030 --> 00:26:07.050
Nicole Morris: natopathic health care, and twice a year, 3 times a year, whatever it is whatever I feel that I need. She runs my blood work, and I only take supplements

00:26:07.150 --> 00:26:22.079
Nicole Morris: that my body calls for. So, for instance, like tumor, people say, Oh, it's so good for anti inflammatory. And this and that. Okay, that's cool. And I can go. And I can buy it. And I can put it in my body. But if my body doesn't need it, I'm just gonna pay it out.

00:26:22.090 --> 00:26:25.069
Nicole Morris: Why don't I spend the money and

00:26:25.370 --> 00:26:44.579
Nicole Morris: and put the things in my body that my my body needs not what, Tony, you know. So I love that I've started doing that. And I dropped that into my self care. Probably 3 years ago, 2 and a half years ago, I started working with her because

00:26:44.760 --> 00:26:59.669
Nicole Morris: I wanna your body is. It's all well oiled machine, right? But sometimes stress things, things not get out of whack. Yeah. I work with the natural path to do that to

00:26:59.950 --> 00:27:03.040
Nicole Morris: fixed. Fix the things that get depleted.

00:27:03.290 --> 00:27:15.969
Nicole Morris: Yeah, balancing and stuff like that.

00:27:16.140 --> 00:27:28.220
Nicole Morris: Take what your body needs, not what everyone else is like pushing, you know, because you'll notice a difference. You know, I noticed when I started adding that routine into my self care

00:27:29.000 --> 00:27:34.380
Nicole Morris: some numbers that were like out of whack. Once I fix 2 of them.

00:27:34.500 --> 00:27:47.360
Nicole Morris: 3 others fix on their own without taking a supplement. If that makes sense. Yeah, 6, 2 things and like 3 to 5 things will balance out. So now you've got, you know, anywhere from 5 to 8 things

00:27:47.500 --> 00:27:50.090
Nicole Morris: that are fixed with only

00:27:51.370 --> 00:28:02.800
Nicole Morris: focusing on 2 or 3, if that makes sense, you know. Yes, it does. So I don't know. I highly recommend that. I found things out about my body. I had no idea.

00:28:02.820 --> 00:28:10.840
Nicole Morris: Just by like giving myself that little bit of self care to go and talk to someone about what I need in

00:28:11.060 --> 00:28:17.260
Nicole Morris:  Another thing that I've gotten into is the functional mushrooms.

00:28:17.700 --> 00:28:22.469
Nicole Morris: with a company called function. There's 2 elixirs.

00:28:22.480 --> 00:28:37.329
Nicole Morris: One is for energy, focus and libido, and they just release another one kana, which is almost like a legal form of mdma for people with like anxiety depression. It's a heart opener, chill kind of a chill thing relaxes you.

00:28:37.430 --> 00:28:39.960
Tanya: I can't say enough about

00:28:40.070 --> 00:28:47.060
Nicole Morris: one. Those products and 2 functional mushrooms. So I'm not gonna sit here and like push it on. Anyone. But I think

00:28:48.240 --> 00:28:51.510
Nicole Morris: bombs can benefit so much

00:28:51.670 --> 00:28:52.750
Tanya: from

00:28:52.800 --> 00:28:58.950
Nicole Morris: functional mushrooms. It's unbelievable the things that I've noticed. The brain fog goes away.

00:28:59.380 --> 00:29:10.120
Nicole Morris: I'll give you a couple of links that you can share with people. Yes, there's also this company called the Patch Company.

00:29:10.210 --> 00:29:12.800
Nicole Morris: or the Patch Brand. That's what it is.

00:29:12.850 --> 00:29:17.410
Nicole Morris: and they have they sell at target. They're on Amazon.

00:29:17.460 --> 00:29:21.189
Nicole Morris: I use them whatever I need that day. They have

00:29:21.620 --> 00:29:33.440
Nicole Morris: you know, energy, one a sleep one. And it's like this little sticker that you just like put. I put mine on the inside of my arm, and it's a vitamin that like absorbs through your skin.

00:29:33.600 --> 00:29:37.620
Nicole Morris: I don't know. I just. I've like incorporated it into my self care. I love that

00:29:37.850 --> 00:29:39.710
Nicole Morris: and magnesium baths.

00:29:40.200 --> 00:29:42.259
Nicole Morris: Oh, yeah, I

00:29:42.430 --> 00:30:00.489
Nicole Morris: so you're not a bath. Take my husband. Chris takes a bath every single night. He is not this, but I just. I don't know of a shower person, so I only a Bath person. If I allow myself the time before

00:30:00.610 --> 00:30:07.720
Nicole Morris: every night every other night I was in all the time when I was pregnant. Oh, gosh! I was in the bath like 3 times a day. But

00:30:08.140 --> 00:30:14.170
Nicole Morris: that has. It's funny what used to be normal. Now that I'm a mom, it's not normal. So that has

00:30:14.180 --> 00:30:23.539
Nicole Morris: come into my self care like something as simple as taking a magnesium bathic or a bath in general like that's normal, right? But once you have kids

00:30:23.570 --> 00:30:33.010
Nicole Morris: like who has time to do that, so I'll probably take a bag of zoom bath at some point today before I pick the kids up, because if I don't do it on my

00:30:33.160 --> 00:30:38.400
Nicole Morris: really not gonna get in there. And I noticed one. It relaxes me. And

00:30:38.590 --> 00:30:57.679
Nicole Morris: I love like there's some products that I love to use. And now no is one that I love. Oh, yes, is that? Do they make the essential oils, Yup, and have an unbelievable magnesium? So if you can get it sprouts. You can get it online, too. So I'll give you the link for that. It's a really good one.

00:30:57.840 --> 00:31:05.489
Nicole Morris:  another thing on self Care day. I like to read daily affirmations

00:31:06.200 --> 00:31:13.449
Nicole Morris: sometimes I don't get them in, and I just catch up, and I do them all on my self-care day, so I'll be doing that because I have not read one this week.

00:31:13.570 --> 00:31:17.439
There's a great book called Journey Journey to the Heart.

00:31:17.450 --> 00:31:22.819
Nicole Morris: and it's just a quick, like paragraph each day, and it's nice to do it

00:31:22.950 --> 00:31:25.170
Nicole Morris: ideally. It's nice to do in the morning.

00:31:25.260 --> 00:31:42.539
Nicole Morris: Yeah, honestly, I don't. I don't know if I'm I'm not. I don't. I don't know if I'm I'm not. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not sure. If it's it's not. I don't know if they're gonna be able to do it.

00:31:43.010 --> 00:31:50.950
Nicole Morris: There's another thing that people are starting to drink a lot. Some people aren't aware of it. But cacao, it's almost like.

00:31:52.040 --> 00:32:07.969
Nicole Morris: It's a functional mushroom. Hot coco. Mix for sigmatic is a company that has one that I love, and it just like chills you out. I like that at night, and I always put it in my self care. Day. Yeah, it's like a center in hot chocolate.

00:32:08.130 --> 00:32:26.179
Nicole Morris: I'll give you links for all this? It's cool. It's like it reduces anxiety, stress. It relaxes the body, improve sleep. It's organic. It's vegan they have it in little packets so like you can take it with you. It's I don't know, relaxing a nice thing for self care.

00:32:26.520 --> 00:32:31.360
Nicole Morris: other small things for self care that I could recommend. Go for a walk, put a face mask on

00:32:31.430 --> 00:32:47.380
Nicole Morris: date yourself. Everyone always like laughs at me that I have no issue. Going out to like lunch or dinner by myself. I don't. I actually really enjoy it. I can sit there or my food scroll through my phone, read a book, whatever I don't know. I think that's important. I love that you do that.

00:32:47.570 --> 00:33:10.310
Nicole Morris: You do that that is so scary to me. I know people always say that to me, and I laugh so hard. So I think where it started. I mean, now it's kind of come a self care thing, because you know you cook and prep food and do all this stuff for your family, and I love to just go get a meal by myself where I don't have to worry. What this person's gonna want. So I just

00:33:10.680 --> 00:33:13.490
Nicole Morris: it's part of a self care. I date myself

00:33:13.860 --> 00:33:22.020
Nicole Morris: where it started was before kids when my husband was with the Washington redskins, who are now the commanders at the time.

00:33:22.610 --> 00:33:24.209
Nicole Morris: All right now. The commanders

00:33:24.300 --> 00:33:27.650
Nicole Morris: he was in DC. And I was in Tampa working.

00:33:27.880 --> 00:33:28.930
Nicole Morris: and

00:33:29.510 --> 00:33:37.990
Nicole Morris: we were just dating, but all my friends would be out and about with, like their boyfriends or their husbands, whatever on the weekends doing dinners. And he was working.

00:33:38.310 --> 00:33:43.729
Nicole Morris: and another say, and I was by myself. So I was like, I still want to go to dinner, so I would just go by myself.

00:33:44.030 --> 00:33:50.679
Nicole Morris: and I don't know in the beginning. I guess it was where they'd be like oh, how many! And I was just. I just made just a table for myself.

00:33:51.000 --> 00:33:52.109
Nicole Morris: and I feel like

00:33:52.800 --> 00:34:08.329
Nicole Morris: that's awesome. I did almost feel Judge, a little bit, but then it just became normal for me, and I enjoyed it, and that's all that mattered. So I don't know.

00:34:08.340 --> 00:34:11.839
Tanya: To me I would think it's a great confidence. Builder.

00:34:12.489 --> 00:34:13.730
Nicole Morris: Yeah, I mean.

00:34:14.610 --> 00:34:25.749
Nicole Morris: you have to be present and okay with yourself in a public setting, when, like everyone else, is having their meal and their time pass by like conversing with someone. And you have to.

00:34:26.130 --> 00:34:31.850
Nicole Morris: You're just there you're with your you're with yourself. Yeah. Awesome.

00:34:32.159 --> 00:34:53.310
Nicole Morris:  I guess my last thing that I would close out. I worked with a shaman out of it. Atlanta his name was Indy, and he was so great he does virtual sessions as well, so I can give information for that him, telling me when I was talking about that I needed to do more self care. After I became a mom

00:34:54.330 --> 00:35:01.189
Nicole Morris: he sat in front of me and he looked at me and he said. you need to sit and be present.

00:35:02.050 --> 00:35:17.209
Nicole Morris: and I was like, I'm here. What do you mean? Like? I am present. I'm like here with you. He's like, no like you need to do it for like 5 min without me, like you need to incorporate this into like self care. If you I would love for you to do it every day, and he said.

00:35:17.480 --> 00:35:22.659
Nicole Morris: it's called present and being present because a present is a gift.

00:35:22.860 --> 00:35:27.910
Nicole Morris: and I don't know, like, ever since he said it. It always struck

00:35:28.280 --> 00:35:33.470
Nicole Morris: it. It strikes me like II forget. I'm always go go, go! And I forget

00:35:34.300 --> 00:35:43.759
Nicole Morris: like just being, you know, like each day. And to just sit there. And

00:35:43.770 --> 00:35:46.230
Nicole Morris: I guess that's like something I'll do today. Because

00:35:46.450 --> 00:35:48.889
Nicole Morris: and yeah, be more present.

00:35:49.180 --> 00:36:00.769
Tanya: Yeah, just sit there and like, be in gratitude, too, right like for this breath, this more like we get to be alive today. It really is a gift.

00:36:00.860 --> 00:36:03.619
Nicole Morris: Yeah. So I don't know. We all take for granted.

00:36:03.640 --> 00:36:05.800
Nicole Morris: I think I think it's something that

00:36:05.880 --> 00:36:20.700
Nicole Morris: people when he said it that way, you know, people are like, oh, you need to be more attentive and slow down. And this and it's so that's fine. It sounds great. But when he said it like it's called present cause. It's a gift that's like, oh, I never even thought of that like

00:36:21.510 --> 00:36:26.830
Tanya: that makes so much sense. It is a gift, and I think that we need to.

00:36:27.400 --> 00:36:31.650
Nicole Morris: I'll take on more of that. And I agree. But

00:36:31.700 --> 00:36:33.620
Tanya: I agree, cause we're

00:36:34.240 --> 00:36:37.230
Tanya: oh, just rush, rush, Rush, and

00:36:37.280 --> 00:36:40.800
Tanya: either we're living in the past, because we're

00:36:40.990 --> 00:36:50.169
Nicole Morris: just ruminating on things that have already happened right? Or we're worried about the future. But all we really have is now

00:36:50.410 --> 00:36:52.680
Nicole Morris: correct. All we really have is now.

00:36:54.340 --> 00:36:55.030
Nicole Morris: yeah.

00:36:56.360 --> 00:37:02.410
Tanya: that's beautiful. Alright. I thank you so much, Nicole, for your time. And

00:37:02.940 --> 00:37:15.680
Tanya: hopefully we can have you back on. I just love to keep having keep having you as a regular guest on here, because you just have so much wisdom to share, and I think we all have a lot that we could learn

00:37:15.760 --> 00:37:19.750
Tanya: from you. And I just love getting to talk to you.

00:37:19.850 --> 00:37:36.850
Tanya: I want to wrap this episode up with a new segment that I've introduced called the Rapid fire Round. You'll be the third person that I've done this with so far. But it's just 5 questions we're going to go through real quick, and you just answer with the first

00:37:36.900 --> 00:37:38.969
Tanya: answer that comes to mind, are you up for it?

00:37:39.640 --> 00:37:40.720
Nicole Morris: Go for it

00:37:41.010 --> 00:37:50.530
Tanya: alright. So question number one is what self care, activity is something you absolutely prioritize and consider non-negotiable

00:37:51.730 --> 00:37:52.979
Nicole Morris: a long time.

00:37:54.710 --> 00:37:55.490
Tanya: Yes.

00:37:55.790 --> 00:38:01.970
Tanya: And is there someone in your life whom you consider a role model and who inspires you.

00:38:04.480 --> 00:38:09.460
Nicole Morris: I'm gonna like, change the answer here, because normally I would spit out a person

00:38:10.120 --> 00:38:14.399
Nicole Morris: over like several people. But I need

00:38:14.430 --> 00:38:21.710
Nicole Morris: to acknowledge myself and honor myself, and realize all the things that I do and

00:38:21.890 --> 00:38:28.550
Nicole Morris: maybe inspire. Maybe just change the narrative, and I think I need to start inspiring myself.

00:38:29.460 --> 00:38:34.469
Tanya: I love that so much, and I want to take the time to pause

00:38:34.500 --> 00:38:37.670
Tanya: and really give that the attention that it deserves.

00:38:37.770 --> 00:38:43.060
Tanya: because I really do think that it is admirable and brave for you to say that

00:38:43.280 --> 00:38:50.449
Tanya: because we have been socialized to believe that if we make statements like that, or think too highly of ourselves.

00:38:50.480 --> 00:38:59.370
Tanya: then that makes us conceited or boastful. And I think this especially is true for girls and women in particular.

00:38:59.630 --> 00:39:03.750
Tanya: and you know what this does. It keeps us small.

00:39:03.960 --> 00:39:08.379
Nicole Morris: Yeah, we shrink rather than push past our limits.

00:39:08.890 --> 00:39:23.019
Tanya: We are sitting in a class, and we know the answer to the teacher's question, but we don't raise our hands because we're afraid of what others may think. And for me, I know self. Love has been something that I've struggled with for a very, very long time.

00:39:23.250 --> 00:39:36.239
Tanya: and I think a part of this is the idea that has been programmed for my childhood that it's not good to think highly of yourself. If you think highly of yourself, this means you're conceited, and it's not true. It's just not true.

00:39:36.470 --> 00:39:42.970
Tanya: And what happens is we lose our self worth. When we do this, we think we are never enough.

00:39:43.100 --> 00:39:53.539
Tanya: and then we think or speak about others who are doing the things that we want to do in life in a way that may put them down in order to boost up our own self worth.

00:39:54.020 --> 00:40:00.510
Tanya: So it's like you're looking for the flaws in other people in order for you to feel better about yourself.

00:40:00.560 --> 00:40:06.049
Tanya: But that's not what I want to do. Instead, let me be like I see you over there.

00:40:06.090 --> 00:40:14.459
Tanya: You are living a life in a way that I admire, and in a way that I aspire to be, and I wonder how you do it. I wonder how you got to that place?

00:40:14.630 --> 00:40:17.360
Tanya: I want to get there, too. Show me the way.

00:40:17.670 --> 00:40:46.589
Tanya: and then we're all just being an inspiration to one another, to push fast our comfort zone and to keep improving and never stop improving. But I just love that you're showing yourself love like that. And perhaps more importantly, I think it's a great example for your kids showing them. It's okay to speak highly of yourself. It's okay to admire and be an inspiration to yourself as you should, because you are a child of God. Because

00:40:46.590 --> 00:41:02.199
Tanya: isn't that how we all want our children to think of themselves like. I'm always praying for my children to have confidence and be successful and happy, and the key piece to attaining all those things is loving yourself. Would you agree?

00:41:02.330 --> 00:41:05.459
Tanya: I would. I love that you said that I love that answer.

00:41:05.680 --> 00:41:07.560
Tanya: I think it's the best answer.

00:41:07.930 --> 00:41:12.040
Nicole Morris: love, that I didn't think yes.

00:41:12.580 --> 00:41:16.500
Tanya: huge huge lesson to be learned there and then.

00:41:16.590 --> 00:41:19.240
Tanya: What's the best advice you've ever gotten?

00:41:20.450 --> 00:41:25.710
Nicole Morris: Hmm! Better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.

00:41:26.280 --> 00:41:29.219
Tanya: Yes, that's good. Yes.

00:41:29.330 --> 00:41:32.949
Nicole Morris: my dad always. Yeah. Say that. So

00:41:33.120 --> 00:41:35.930
Nicole Morris: Oh, did he? Yeah, I feel that it's

00:41:35.980 --> 00:41:39.820
Nicole Morris: come into place so many times, you know. Let's

00:41:40.530 --> 00:41:44.070
Nicole Morris: projects things around the house when you, you know.

00:41:44.240 --> 00:41:50.790
Nicole Morris: when we're renovating or doing something like, do I have to ask someone about this? Or can I just do it, you know.

00:41:50.960 --> 00:42:03.599
Nicole Morris: Just do it, and that slows you down, too, if you're waiting for somebody else's permission to say all the time

00:42:04.420 --> 00:42:09.499
Tanya: love that. And then what's the worst advice you've ever gotten

00:42:11.950 --> 00:42:18.870
Nicole Morris: so hard cause I don't know really know about that advice. I guess I would say.

00:42:19.060 --> 00:42:26.130
Nicole Morris: like when people say, Oh, just push through the hard things. you know, like, push through, get over it, or like.

00:42:27.220 --> 00:42:29.650
Nicole Morris: deal with it, and like, get on to the next thing, and I just

00:42:29.960 --> 00:42:36.720
Nicole Morris: I don't know that people have necessarily told me that. But it's something that I see and I hear, and I just think

00:42:36.820 --> 00:42:48.530
Nicole Morris: that if you push through hard times you don't allow yourself to process and feel and recover and heal. So I would say that that's the worst thing for someone to say.

00:42:48.770 --> 00:42:53.860
Nicole Morris: why don't you, instead of pushing through the hard times? Why don't you sit in that hard time?

00:42:54.140 --> 00:43:08.509
Nicole Morris: Yeah. Recognize how you feel. Think about how you want to get out of that situation. process it. and then heal and then move forward. Don't just push through

00:43:08.820 --> 00:43:10.899
Tanya: yeah work that

00:43:10.920 --> 00:43:12.229
Nicole Morris: don't push through.

00:43:12.460 --> 00:43:14.860
Tanya: Yeah, that's so good. Yeah.

00:43:14.940 --> 00:43:20.419
Tanya: Yeah. And then, lastly, do you have a favorite quote or mantra

00:43:20.560 --> 00:43:22.749
Tanya: that helps get you through hard things.

00:43:24.200 --> 00:43:33.929
Nicole Morris: So let one bad day be one bad day. Life isn't sunshine all of the time. That's just the way it is.

00:43:34.380 --> 00:43:47.580
Nicole Morris: Hmm! You can't let one bad day or one bad moment hold so much power over you. We tend to shift our focus when bad things happen which is so heartbreaking, because when we do that we forget about all the beauty we have to be thankful for.

00:43:48.670 --> 00:43:49.380

00:43:50.260 --> 00:43:54.100
Tanya: that's so good. Yeah, I'm just like closing my eyes and taking that in.

00:43:54.570 --> 00:44:01.159
Nicole Morris: Yeah, so true. And it's temporary. Everything is temporary. This this, too, shall pass.

00:44:01.260 --> 00:44:03.100
Nicole Morris: It's true, so

00:44:03.280 --> 00:44:16.249
Nicole Morris: don't get on a bad day. I don't know. I guess that's my mantra, like there's always tomorrow. and there is always tomorrow. Yeah, for dreams to come true.

00:44:16.260 --> 00:44:26.429
Tanya: That's from the root off the rendezvous reindeer. I don't know if anybody watch that growing up, but we've got Christmas movies playing. Now

00:44:26.730 --> 00:44:37.370
Nicole Morris: we're getting ready for Christmas over here, so we've got Christmas songs. Malia has the countdown on. She does it every morning. So we're at 40 days today.

00:44:37.540 --> 00:44:48.210
Tanya: Oh, my gosh, funny, alright awesome

00:44:48.790 --> 00:44:50.519
Tanya: plan for the stress.

00:44:50.640 --> 00:44:52.200
Nicole Morris: Yes,

00:44:52.480 --> 00:45:03.759
Tanya: alright, Nicole. Well, thank you again. So much for being here again for round 2, and I just wanna express my gratitude because

00:45:04.130 --> 00:45:05.150
I just

00:45:05.170 --> 00:45:14.840
Tanya: I know what it's like as a busy mom. And your time just means it means the world to me, you being here. And

00:45:15.280 --> 00:45:27.090
Tanya: yeah, I would just like to close out the show by saying, I hope that something that you heard today resonates with you and helps you

00:45:27.140 --> 00:45:42.300
Tanya: in your everyday life helps you feel less stressed and a little bit more calm, and bring some peace into your life. So I will close out the show there, and we will talk to you next week. Bye.

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