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Surrendering to Faith

In this episode, Skyler shares her journey of faith, resilience, and the power of surrendering to life’s challenges.  Skyler’s experiences illustrate the importance of trusting the process and finding strength in surrender. We discuss the significance of leaning on community, asking for help, and overcoming obstacles with courage and vulnerability. Join us as we explore the transformative power of faith and the beauty of finding support.

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Tanya:  Welcome to the show sky. I'm so happy you're here. 


Skyler:  Thank you so much for being here absolutely. I'm so honored to be here. Thank you for having me. 


Tanya:  Oh, my gosh,so honored to have you on the show, and let's just dive right in just can you please share with our audience your story, and



00:00:39.890 --> 00:00:44.569

Tanya: just tell us a little about your life, and where you're from, and



00:00:44.880 --> 00:01:07.010

Skyler: how your mom. How many little kittels do you have? Yes, absolutely. I'd love to. So I'll share my entire story here today. But I am Skyler. I go by Sky Skylar. All the things mom Mompreneur friend, sister I'm originally from New York recently.



00:01:07.170 --> 00:01:22.409

Skyler: a few years ago, moved down South and have not looked back. I've visited a few times, but it's super cold up there. I came down for college, and then my family and I just decided to stay down here. So I've been in South Carolina ever since.



00:01:22.410 --> 00:01:37.419

Skyler: I've been in project management before property management and found out that I really loved being available and being able to make my own schedule for my kids, and so



00:01:37.420 --> 00:02:02.180

Skyler: decided to use a lot of my gifts. To go into business ownership. And last year actually created a podcast and kind of a platform, if you will called worthy of honor. And so I've been doing that ever since, and it's designed to pour into to men women. But mainly the focus is just people that want to be encouraged



00:02:02.420 --> 00:02:23.700

Skyler: to know that they're worthy of honor to know that they are able to live lives that are fruitful, that anything that they've gone through in their life does not disqualify them from being able to do everything that they're called to do. And so yeah, so that's where I am right now. I do have 4 kiddos. They're 7, 6,



00:02:23.750 --> 00:02:39.479

Skyler: 3, and one and a half. So every time I go out people are like, Oh, you've got your hands full, and I'm like, well, I'd rather have them full than empty. So



00:02:39.920 --> 00:02:41.720

Tanya: oh, awesome!



00:02:41.870 --> 00:02:52.709

Tanya: Now I want to talk about more of worthy of honor and what inspired what really inspired you to to start it?



00:02:54.680 --> 00:03:05.660

Skyler: Sure. So the the impetus for for starting it, I think. was when last year just was going through a lot



00:03:05.890 --> 00:03:17.369

Skyler: in my family, lots of transitions, lots of things going on, and realized, that the pressure that I was undergoing had to have been for a reason.



00:03:17.370 --> 00:03:39.449

Skyler: I'd always had in the back of my head that I wanted to do something to port into other people. I always feel, you know that quote. You know you rise by lifting others? And I've I've always been that friend, you know. They came to me for advice like, hey? What do I do here? But I really felt like the Lord, and this is just my own personal belief. I am a believer.



00:03:39.680 --> 00:03:58.819

Skyler: I am a Christian, and I felt like God was calling me to use the things that I have been going through and not wait. I know a lot of the time. People will wait until they've gone through it, and they've overcome it, and they've got that victory to feel like they're qualified to talk about it, or they're qualified to move.



00:03:58.880 --> 00:04:15.219

Skyler: And I just realized that there's not a person that got his use that hasn't walked through fire. And so I just decided, you know what I'm gonna mourn it. And I'm gonna move. And so I was like, I'm not gonna wait. I'm not gonna delay. I'm just going to do it. And so I got the name worthy of honor.



00:04:15.220 --> 00:04:37.060

Skyler: Because I'd actually read a book. It was called Honors Reward, by John Beveer great book, and in it he just kinda talks about honor in all of the different areas of life. And it really changed my perspective. Changed my life. And I thought, I've gotta share this. I've gotta share this with the world. So that's kinda how that started.



00:04:37.560 --> 00:04:44.090

Tanya: Okay. And I wanna remind me to link to that book, too.



00:04:44.240 --> 00:04:49.589

Tanya: Cause I've not. I've not read that book, but



00:04:49.730 --> 00:04:51.030

Skyler: it's amazing.



00:04:51.120 --> 00:05:01.039

Tanya: Yeah, II would like to read it, and I'm sure that somebody listening today might be interested in reading it as well. So I'll make sure I link that in a show notes.



00:05:01.370 --> 00:05:06.779

Tanya:  Well, I can totally relate to that like



00:05:06.890 --> 00:05:08.280

Tanya: when you're



00:05:08.750 --> 00:05:15.750

Tanya: that feeling of like when you're going through something and just



00:05:16.850 --> 00:05:21.329

Tanya: I don't know if it's the feeling of shame or



00:05:22.630 --> 00:05:24.860

Tanya: fear of maybe like



00:05:24.960 --> 00:05:28.529

Tanya: being judged or



00:05:29.710 --> 00:05:38.990

Tanya: like just that. Maybe it's like that imposter, syndrome feeling of like, who am I to share this when I haven't.



00:05:39.600 --> 00:05:42.910

Tanya: I'm not on the other side of it yet. And



00:05:43.660 --> 00:05:52.640

Tanya: I just think it could be so powerful, though to here, from the person that is actual when you're



00:05:52.860 --> 00:05:55.510

Tanya: like in it, when you were like deep.



00:05:55.900 --> 00:06:16.560

Tanya: and it just because you are just so close to it and like you can. I feel like you could just relate to that person that's also going through. Maybe a similar situation, or maybe not exactly. We're going through. But they're going through a tough time. And I feel like you're just. You can relate that much more because



00:06:16.730 --> 00:06:40.389

Tanya: yo you're in it. It's not like in the past. And you know, like the further like we were just talking about this today, I was like sky. I don't even like maybe we should like we're talking about. Maybe this because I had an idea in my head of like the pocket episode that I wanted to do, because, like something happened. I'm like I have to write about this now, because the further away from me, from from it you get



00:06:40.730 --> 00:06:53.359

Tanya: right. You just forget you forget what it's like, and it's just not the same. So I have to applaud you and acknowledge you for



00:06:53.740 --> 00:06:58.660

Tanya: for doing this worthy of honor, even though, like you said, like, you're going through something.



00:06:58.830 --> 00:07:07.910

Tanya:  Tab, and that doesn't necessarily mean you have to share the details. You know. But just



00:07:08.240 --> 00:07:13.159

Tanya: yeah, I just find that you're so much more relatable.



00:07:13.570 --> 00:07:17.299

Skyler: absolutely when you share. Like as you're going through it.



00:07:17.560 --> 00:07:31.650

Skyler: Absolutely. I think we all wanna know that there's someone that can relate to our story. Ii know that quote. I think it's I'm gonna totally butcher it. But you know, if you don't have a limp.



00:07:31.650 --> 00:07:47.709

Skyler: You know you never trust a man without a limp and I think that just comes from knowing that someone has overcome something or someone has walked through it. What you're going through right now, and they're they're okay with being transparent about



00:07:47.710 --> 00:07:58.399

Skyler: the times when you just wake up and you're like, I'm not feeling it today, but we're gonna keep on going, you know, even just this morning we were having that conversation, or like, you know.



00:07:58.450 --> 00:08:03.270

Skyler: I've got that you're like, you know, I've got this podcast idea. We can totally postpone. I'm like.



00:08:03.460 --> 00:08:11.879

Tanya: you know, I definitely, there was part of me that was like, yeah, let's do that, you know. Let's



00:08:12.070 --> 00:08:18.750

Skyler: you know, when you, when you live your life based on feelings. Instead of what you know.



00:08:18.750 --> 00:08:47.339

Skyler: What's the purpose? What are you fighting for? And even you know this podcast. That you've got here for moms? There are moms listening. I know that you are going through it right now. I've got 4 kids. I get it their days when I'm just like, Hmm, not today. We're not. We're not mumming today. But then you wake up. And you know I'm gonna fight for them. I'm gonna go one more day. I'm gonna do this because I you know a lot of people say I would die for my kids. But



00:08:47.340 --> 00:08:52.200

Tanya: no, I'm deciding. I'm going to live for my kids.



00:08:52.440 --> 00:08:54.150

Skyler: So I love that.



00:08:54.300 --> 00:08:55.300

Skyler: Yeah.



00:08:55.440 --> 00:09:00.970

Tanya: yeah, I love that turnaround. I'm gonna live for my kids. Yes, and I can relate to that, because



00:09:01.410 --> 00:09:03.370

Tanya: I mean not to bring this back to me. But



00:09:04.040 --> 00:09:30.779

Tanya: just back in 2,021, when I had my miscarriage. I mean, I don't know if anyone you know new is listening, but in 2,021 and I had a life threatening miscarriage, and I almost lost my life, and I'm telling you like I have never been so afraid to die. But the thing I believe so strongly that the reason why I survived was because of my kids, because I just remember, like.



00:09:31.060 --> 00:09:45.690

Tanya: clear as day, just this feeling of I can't leave my kids, I mean at the time I just had 2. It was Lucia Rocco and Lucius 3. Rocco was one, and I was just like they just got here. I can't leave them.



00:09:45.810 --> 00:09:46.850

Tanya: Yeah, I have.



00:09:47.190 --> 00:09:50.339

Tanya: So yeah, that's why



00:09:51.020 --> 00:09:55.630

Tanya: I believe in making sacrifices for those that you love



00:09:56.060 --> 00:10:02.039

Tanya: and for your children, but also. and you have to take care of yourself.



00:10:02.210 --> 00:10:06.060

Skyler: So that, like you said, you can live for



00:10:06.330 --> 00:10:10.059

Tanya: yourself and live for your kids like you can show up and be



00:10:10.280 --> 00:10:15.779

Tanya: the best you can be, so you can take care of them



00:10:15.850 --> 00:10:18.939

Tanya: and show up for them



00:10:20.650 --> 00:10:21.999

Tanya: as best you can.



00:10:22.490 --> 00:10:25.359

Skyler: right, because we can't do that from.



00:10:25.410 --> 00:10:31.579

Tanya: or it's really hard, like we're we just don't show up as the best version of ourselves when when we're depleted



00:10:31.800 --> 00:10:39.329

Skyler: right, right, absolutely, and not having that mentality of oh, I've got to do everything



00:10:39.340 --> 00:10:50.950

Skyler: all the time, and be everything and all things to all people. We're not. We're not designed to do life alone. Community is so important. Which is why I love things like this podcast and



00:10:51.020 --> 00:10:57.590

you know just there are so many platforms and communities out there right now that are focused on



00:10:57.640 --> 00:11:15.179

Skyler: building people up and just helping them to recognize that you're not alone, you know, like again, my own personal belief. But I just feel like God, you know, designed us to be in community and to to walk out together.



00:11:15.540 --> 00:11:20.710

Tanya: And so the win is finding out that you're not.



00:11:20.990 --> 00:11:29.290

Skyler: You're not. You're stronger than you think you are, and you get to to do life with other people, so I love it.



00:11:29.480 --> 00:11:36.480

Skyler: I love what you shared, and and also with, you know, with your miscarriage and everything I'm so sorry.



00:11:36.760 --> 00:11:46.430

Skyler: at at some of some of the times. We go through things, and we're like man like. why did I have to experience that, you know? Why did I have to go through that.



00:11:46.670 --> 00:12:06.430

Skyler: And you know I think of just just stories in general. But one of the stories that maybe some of our listeners or people may be familiar with is that story of Joe? You know he's a person yeah, in the Bible. He lost everything, everything. But the one thing he didn't lose was his fight.



00:12:06.690 --> 00:12:15.190

Skyler: you know his faith, his faith in God, that is, gonna get you through. Yup. So



00:12:15.450 --> 00:12:19.929

Tanya: you got this mama's. We've got this. Yes, absolutely.



00:12:19.990 --> 00:12:37.649

Tanya: And I want to talk about like, I know, you've faced significant challenges which we're not gonna get into today. But can you just share like, how do you navigate these difficulties. And what keeps you resilient what keeps you from you know when you get knocked down you just get back up



00:12:37.910 --> 00:12:41.280

Skyler:  so



00:12:41.830 --> 00:12:47.429

Skyler: my faith absolutely like knowing that when the pressure is on



00:12:47.580 --> 00:12:53.789

Skyler:  it's there for a reason the pressure is being applied for a reason.



00:12:54.080 --> 00:13:12.169

Skyler: I guess I'll share one story, too. Just for the sake of time, is the reason why I'm not going into all of my challenges. Y'all, it's not a secret, it's not. It's not meant to be a mystery we just don't have all day long. But I will share one thing that I that I went through that.



00:13:12.560 --> 00:13:16.180

Skyler: I think, may relate to other people. So



00:13:16.220 --> 00:13:25.310

Skyler: you know, last year I I've gotten colostasis before in pregnancy and



00:13:25.380 --> 00:13:33.869

Skyler: with my first. She's 7 now, and so I knew the symptoms. I knew all the things to look out for.



00:13:34.120 --> 00:13:48.250

Skyler: and with my my first 3 I had them. Naturally. But you know we went to the hospital and did all the things. III told myself I wanted to go. No medication. All of the things right?



00:13:48.260 --> 00:14:01.430

Skyler: But for my fourth, I was like, you know what? I wanna try something different, and so got the midwife did. The thing was like, I'm gonna have a home birth. And then literally, the week of



00:14:01.650 --> 00:14:08.920

Skyler: my my due date, or when we were going to, you know, deliver II had a meeting



00:14:08.990 --> 00:14:24.399

Skyler: with my midwife host 39 weeks to the day, and she goes, honey, you've got colostasis again, which is, if you don't know what that is. It makes you extremely itchy. It's basically where your liver doesn't absorb the



00:14:24.410 --> 00:14:32.109

the bioacids properly. It's very. It's detrimental to the baby. They have to induce you all of this stuff.



00:14:32.360 --> 00:14:50.949

Skyler: and I go into that to share, because I know that you know there could be some moms on here that may relate to just that feeling of like you've got this plan. You want to have this baby, you wanna do you know you? Wanna you have an idea of what you think it's going to look like. And then when things change.



00:14:51.150 --> 00:15:10.669

Skyler: you're like, Oh, man! So in that moment I was like, Okay, God. Obviously, this is your. This is your plan. This is your baby, like I will have a baby as long as you know a healthy baby is. I don't care how she's she comes into the world, he or she comes into the world. So anyway, I get my induction.



00:15:10.910 --> 00:15:20.109

scheduled for you know the end of the week and everything. And so that was a Friday. Well, on Thursday.



00:15:20.770 --> 00:15:27.840

Skyler: I start having contractions. And I'm like, okay, well, these aren't bad, you know. If you've ever been induced.



00:15:27.850 --> 00:15:34.950

Skyler: Do you know that the contractions are intense? You know, with that potosin it can be.



00:15:35.550 --> 00:15:44.639

Skyler: Yeah, you feel like you're gonna die. But obviously, I wasn't in Tuesday, you know, it was just naturally happening. So



00:15:44.660 --> 00:15:56.490

Skyler: anyway, this is probably about 110'clock. So I decide, okay, I'm just take a shower, you know. We go to bed.  and I wake up at 20'clock in the morning.



00:15:56.720 --> 00:15:59.079

And I'm like.



00:15:59.420 --> 00:16:27.589

Skyler: these seem pretty intense. I'm being woken sleep here. Maybe something's happening. So I'm like, okay. But even at that moment. I'm like, Okay, but I'm able to breathe through them like nothing's going on. So I text my doula. So yeah, they discharged me from the the midwifery practice, but they said that they would send a doula with me, so that I could still, you know, deliver in the hospital, but have that support as well like, you know.



00:16:27.920 --> 00:16:37.649

Skyler: my husband there and everything. So But anyway, so yeah, I texted her, I'm like, Yeah, I'm having contractions, but they're they seem pretty intense.



00:16:37.660 --> 00:16:43.590

She's like, okay, well, let me know how you're feeling. Maybe you can take a shower, so I go and take a shower.



00:16:43.690 --> 00:16:55.349

Skyler: Tanya. I get out of the shower, probably like 45 min later, and I'm like, Oh, my gosh! I didn't realize that was in there for that long. So I text her, I'm like, Hey, just got out. I had some in there.



00:16:55.500 --> 00:17:04.570

Skyler: but I'm still breathing through them. This is probably at like 40'clock now she's like, okay, maybe you can do some of those exercises I showed you.



00:17:04.990 --> 00:17:20.120

Skyler: So I'm like, okay. So I start doing that as soon as I hop on the bed. My water breaks, and I'm like, Oh. okay, but I'm still not thinking it's time yet. So so I'm like, Okay, well.



00:17:20.240 --> 00:17:37.259

Skyler:  you know I my water just broke. But I'm still, you know, I'm okay. Maybe there's some time, because one other thing I didn't share with y'all is that with my first. When I was induced. I was in labor for 48 h, and I would never wish that.



00:17:37.440 --> 00:17:45.800

Skyler: so I was still thinking I had some time. But anyway, skip forward. I I'm like, I'm not gonna wake everywhere. So I'm on the toilet.



00:17:46.210 --> 00:17:47.760

Skyler: And



00:17:47.950 --> 00:18:08.829

Skyler: I'm like, okay, worse place to be when you are in labor, is the best and worst place to be because you can relax, but also, and your contractions get so intense because your body is relaxing. And so.



00:18:08.990 --> 00:18:19.579

anyway, at that point, I'm like, honey. Can you come in here like barely able to talk? We get my jewel on the phone and



00:18:20.010 --> 00:18:45.310

Skyler: Anyway, she's like, Yeah, you guys are not gonna make it. You're gonna have that baby at home. And I'm in that moment. So your question was, hey? When you face challenging moments like, how do you deal with them? All I could do is, pray, Tanya, I was like this baby is coming like and just surrender, and I think that's probably the the best example I have right now of



00:18:45.360 --> 00:19:06.630

Skyler: surrendering to whatever you're going through. Surrender to the process, and trust the process, and know that you are not going to die. She came at 5 10 am. At home, and this beautiful, healthy baby, and you know, they ambulance arrived, and all that stuff and everything was okay.



00:19:06.660 --> 00:19:28.189

Skyler: And I got my home birth, even though. But you know, sometimes when you're going through things in life. You may think that it's going to happen a certain way. But, you know, once you surrender to the process, you surrender to understanding that



00:19:28.720 --> 00:19:34.049

Skyler: you are stronger than you think you are. You can do it. And



00:19:34.200 --> 00:19:39.249

Skyler: having that faith, and for me, it's it's my faith in God. So, yeah.



00:19:40.140 --> 00:19:47.870

Tanya: I love that. And I feel like this has been coming up. So much for me. Is this



00:19:48.170 --> 00:19:50.420

Tanya: theme of surrendering?



00:19:50.620 --> 00:19:52.540

Skyler: Hmm, and just



00:19:53.670 --> 00:19:56.120

Tanya: letting go of the control.



00:19:56.140 --> 00:20:05.230

Tanya: and like, just last week, actually, I aired an episode with my girlfriend, Christina Kano. And this is kind of like the theme of



00:20:05.460 --> 00:20:10.220

Tanya: the episode was, you know, she



00:20:10.400 --> 00:20:18.230

Tanya: had got this prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy 21. So she had a baby with down syndrome



00:20:18.420 --> 00:20:23.029

Skyler:  And we just talked about. She just shared.



00:20:23.650 --> 00:20:32.050

Tanya: You know how at first it was very devastating, and it was scary for her. But this is what she had to do is just



00:20:32.150 --> 00:20:39.190

Tanya: let go of the plan that she had for herself, and just



00:20:39.700 --> 00:20:44.589

Tanya: surrender to God, and have faith, and



00:20:44.700 --> 00:20:50.509

Tanya: ask him for what she needed. Ask him for guidance, and also.



00:20:50.540 --> 00:20:55.960

Tanya: trust her intuition and ask for help



00:20:56.350 --> 00:21:00.139

Tanya: from per community like, find a community



00:21:00.270 --> 00:21:06.849

Tanya: of people. She had to go out and find other moms that were that have gone through the same thing, that



00:21:07.020 --> 00:21:13.710

Tanya: other moms that were raising kids with downstream from moms that like maybe just had the baby



00:21:13.780 --> 00:21:16.890

Tanya: 2 moms who are, you know, raising.



00:21:17.020 --> 00:21:21.980

Tanya: you know, full grown adults that have down syndrome.



00:21:22.110 --> 00:21:26.390

Tanya: But just yeah, just asking, having the



00:21:26.950 --> 00:21:28.200

Tanya: courage



00:21:28.870 --> 00:21:34.549

Tanya: to be vulnerable and ask for help when you need it.



00:21:34.700 --> 00:21:35.650

Skyler: Yeah.



00:21:35.890 --> 00:21:41.300

Tanya: ask for help from God and just from the people around you, and just not



00:21:42.050 --> 00:21:50.989

Tanya: the not feel that shame like. Don't be afraid to feel the shame. Don't let that stop you from asking for help like don't be



00:21:51.120 --> 00:21:56.019

afraid that, like what others might think like that. They might think that you're like



00:21:56.220 --> 00:21:59.640

Tanya: and capable, or I don't know whatever it is.



00:21:59.720 --> 00:22:02.060

Tanya: Just right. Yeah, okay.



00:22:02.380 --> 00:22:11.419

Skyler: Carrie is like at the end of the day. Like, let's focus on like, what is the end result that you want? Right, you know, like in the



00:22:11.820 --> 00:22:16.099

Tanya: like, what is that? What is it I for Christina? It was like she.



00:22:16.940 --> 00:22:35.019

Tanya: She wanted a healthy baby like she wanted to be able to handle it, which you know. What happy that you can like. God isn't gonna give you anything that you can't handle. It's cliche. But it. I think it is because it's the truth, right. What do you have to say about that



00:22:35.970 --> 00:22:49.009

Skyler: man? So many things? I think you know, when I think about my story, and just where I am now in life. You realize that he he doesn't give you more than you can handle.



00:22:49.860 --> 00:23:10.250

Skyler: but the promises of God are not automatic. They are acquired by faith, that's on an original. That's from John Revere. I believe, he said, that sometimes. But yeah, like when you, when you look at your life and you're wondering, man, why am I the one going through this, or why?



00:23:10.540 --> 00:23:14.790

Skyler: Why am I being faced with this challenge? I think for me.



00:23:14.840 --> 00:23:20.800

Skyler: I realized that he gave me this story because he trusted me with it.



00:23:21.060 --> 00:23:27.600

Skyler: He gave Christina that story because he trusted her with it. He trusted that.



00:23:27.700 --> 00:23:29.589

Skyler: Okay? You know



00:23:29.820 --> 00:23:41.050

Skyler: she is, you know, going back to Job right? Like he straight up, was like, Hey, Satan, have you seen my servant Job? I'm like God, why in the world did you?



00:23:41.090 --> 00:23:50.649

Why did you point him out to the enemy like that doesn't seem right. But he knew that Job's response was going to be.



00:23:50.950 --> 00:24:16.110

Skyler: you know, even when his friends were like Hey, you probably have done something wrong to deserve that you probably did something. Where your. You know where you earned that, or something like that. And honestly, I had those same thoughts. I was like, man. Lord, like maybe I did something wrong to deserve, you know,



00:24:16.110 --> 00:24:33.670

Skyler: broken relationship, or or to deserve you know, family members passing away or to deserve. You know all of the things like when I look at it. But that's that's just not true at all. His own wife was like, Hey, curse! Got in die!



00:24:33.750 --> 00:24:52.909

Skyler: Can you imagine that like so. But his response was, you know, naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will return. But blessed be the name of the Lord! What was his response when he was when he lost everything like he was very wealthy. He had



00:24:53.330 --> 00:25:04.290

Skyler: a beautiful family, they died like he lost everything, but he never gave up faith, and that's my response. Now, you know. Now I'm like, Okay, God.



00:25:04.460 --> 00:25:14.659

Skyler: you you know why you gave me the story you gave me. You knew why, you know, I grew up not knowing my dad and all of the things right like



00:25:14.790 --> 00:25:34.619

Skyler: you, you know why. And it's because not only do you trust me with the story, but you know that you'll be glorified through through me because of the things that I have been faced with, and because of the challenges that you give us. The enemy wants us to to curse you and



00:25:34.640 --> 00:25:35.749

Skyler: to give up.



00:25:35.870 --> 00:25:42.230

Skyler: But no. no, we won't. We won't give up. Because we know that if we have a pulse, we've got to fight. it's's yeah, but it's so simple



00:26:37.460 --> 00:26:47.970

Tanya: alright sky.  So as we wrap up just will you share with our audience, like, what are your future plans for worthy of honor and your personal journey?



00:26:48.560 --> 00:26:59.560

Skyler: Absolutely so right now? My future plans are, I definitely want to. I want for people to understand



00:26:59.830 --> 00:27:26.079

Skyler: that they have more in them. They think they than you know they may think they have. And so right now I've got a tick talk. And I we're we'll talk about this. I know we kinda offline talked about social media and how I feel about it, but it's it's one of the. It's one of those necessary things these days, so I've got a tick. Y'all, if you wanna go, follow me, where do they find you? And where do they find you on Tiktok?



00:27:26.080 --> 00:27:30.999

Skyler: Yes, yes, worthy of honor, underscore.



00:27:31.210 --> 00:27:44.749

Skyler: And you can follow me. And I've also got a Youtube Channel called worthy of honor as well. So you'd find me on those 2 platforms. We'll see if I get an Instagram soon.



00:27:44.750 --> 00:28:10.230

Skyler: I also have a twitter. Same thing worthy of honor underscore. So you can find me there. And yeah, my desire is to inspire is to influence people, to understand the truth, because that's what sets you free when you know who you are. And again, my own belief. Who's you are? Who you belong to? There's nothing, nothing that is impossible for you. So



00:28:10.700 --> 00:28:17.990

Skyler: yeah, you are worthy of honor. Yes, and you and you are. Yes, we we all are worthy.



00:28:18.060 --> 00:28:23.929

Tanya: and we have these little voices sometimes that like to



00:28:24.350 --> 00:28:31.069

Tanya: make themselves know, and every now and again that like to tell us that we're not worthy, and that we're not good enough.



00:28:31.180 --> 00:28:37.290

Tanya: and no, that that's not true like you are worthy. And I love your message.



00:28:37.720 --> 00:28:45.090

Tanya: Oh, thank you so much, truly, though, like, I love your mission



00:28:45.160 --> 00:28:52.600

Tanya: to just build people up and not tear people down just to to build people up. And



00:28:53.100 --> 00:29:04.210

Tanya: yeah, you are a force. And I really appreciate you being on here today. And I think that you're gonna inspire and encourage other moms out there to just keep going. And just yeah, to live for their kids.

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