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What is coaching?

Simply put, coaching takes you from the place you are to where you want to be.  


It's someone listening to the problems you present in a nonjudgmental way, asking you questions, prompting you to access your inner wisdom to find solutions.  


Coaching focuses on your future so that you are not limited by what you've created in the past.  It's an awareness tool.  


Your coach helps you bring to the surface the thoughts and beliefs that have been playing on default mode in your brain, understand the results they are creating in your life so that you may begin to live your life in a more intentional way.


The style of coaching I use is "causal coaching" which is defined by The Life Coach school as:


"not treating the symptoms of pain or shortcomings, it's about finding the root cause of each symptom, understanding it, and helping clients change it to make room for new seeds of success and fulfillment".

My Services

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

This is for you if you feel like you just don't know where to start.  


If you are looking for guidance, support and accountability toward your weight loss goals.  


If you're tired of going on a diet only to then self sabotage and gain the weight back.  


If you're sick of feeling sluggish, you're looking for motivation and inspiration, and you're looking for a solution that will last, then coaching is right for you.


If you frequently feel overwhelmed, stressed, and out of control.  


You experience mom guilt on the regular, wishing you could be more present with your children and savor this precious time you have with them.  


You feel like everyone else has this "mom thing" figured out and you're doing it wrong.


You crave more patience.  You want to stop yelling at your kids and respond in a way you can be proud of.  


You have the strong desire to make a change.  


You struggle with time management, often feel scatter-brained, and like you don't know where to start.  You want someone to show you the way.  


You also are ready to make the commitment and do the work required to transform your life so that you can ultimately be the best Mom you can be.  


Coaching will help you feel empowered, more productive, in control, focused and ready to handle any challenge that is thrown your way.  You'll improve decision making skills and create more time for the things that are important.


This isn't just about improving your body, you are going to learn skills that you will be able to translate to any area and maximize the quality of your life holistically.

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