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How to Prepare for the Most Important Day of Your Life

Hey there, lovely mamas! Welcome back to another episode of the Momentum Podcast, where we dive deep into all things motherhood. I'm your host, Tanya Valentine, and I'm so glad you could join us today. We've got a super special guest lined up, especially for you expecting moms out there, but hey, even if you're not expecting, stick around because the knowledge bombs our guest is about to drop are seriously life-changing!

On today's episode I'm interviewing Gina Mundy, who is an attorney, bestselling author, wife, and mother of 3 children.


For over two decades, Gina Mundy has specialized in childbirth cases, analyzing the mistakes that are made during labor and delivery. Drawing on this knowledge, she has authored the bestselling book "A Parent's Guide to a Safer Childbirth" to help parents prevent these mistakes and have a healthy baby.  Rather than merely getting involved after an unfortunate mistake was made, Gina has taken a proactive approach by getting involved before childbirth.  


Throughout her career Gina has traveled nationwide, engaging with healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and midwives to explore all aspects of labor and delivery. These interactions have provided her with invaluable insights, enabling her to appreciate the diverse perspectives prevalent in different regions of the country. Meeting with experts from various states, she has explored and analyzed the myriad of issues that can arise during labor and delivery, impacting both mother and baby. 


Gina has conducted extensive research, meticulously analyzing, and dissecting countless studies pertaining to childbirth. This rigorous process was essential in equipping her with the necessary knowledge to undertake lengthy cross-examinations of a diverse array of experts. Through these examinations, she skillfully discerns their opinions on the errors that have occurred during labor and delivery. This has sharpened her knowledge allowing her to become highly proficient in the nuances of childbirth.


In her capacity as legal counsel, Gina has closely worked with delivery teams whose care has been questioned following adverse outcomes. She has spent thousands of hours meticulously scrutinizing cases, conducting interviews with delivery teams, and thoroughly examining medical records to gain an in-depth understanding of every decision made during labor and delivery.

So, mamas, whether you're expecting, planning for the future, or supporting a loved one through their pregnancy journey, this episode with Gina Mundy is a must-listen. By equipping yourself with the knowledge shared today, you're not just preparing for childbirth—you're empowering yourself to make informed decisions, advocate for your needs, and strive for the best possible outcomes for you and your precious little one. Remember, you've got this, mama! Tune in, absorb the wisdom, and let's embark on this incredible journey of motherhood together. Until next time, take care and keep shining bright!

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Tanya: Hello and welcome to another episode of the momentum, podcast the show dedicated to inspiring, uplifting, and empowering women on their journey through motherhood. I'm your host, Tanya Valentine, and I'm so grateful you're here.



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Tanya: I've got a really special episode for you today, especially if you are an expecting mom, but just in case you are not expecting. I don't want you to tune out, either, because what we are about to learn today will apply to anyone who knows someone, or if you will ever know someone who is expecting, and



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Tanya: in that case I think it applies to all of us, because let's face it. One of us will have a friend, or someday a child who will be pregnant, and the information that my guest is going to share today could very well be life changing. I'm talking literally saving the lives of both mama and baby, and then the ripple effect that that has on the well-being of the family as a whole.



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Tanya: My guest today is Gina Mundy, and she is an attorney who specializes in childbirth cases. She's a mom of 3 wife and a best-selling author, and for over 2 decades she has analyzed the mistakes that are made during labor and delivery, and then, drawing on this knowledge, she wrote the book, A Parent's Guide to a safer Childbirth to help parents prevent these mistakes and have a healthy baby.



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Tanya: Welcome to the show, Gina. Thank you so much for being here.



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Gina Mundy: Thank you for having me, and thank you for the wonderful introduction, and you hit it on the nose. It please do not tune out if you're an ex, or if if you're not expecting a baby. And this is so, such important information for everybody to know and to share with everybody, and I will tell you also, grandparents love this book, except it's expecting grandparents absolutely well, because lots of times they're there in the delivery room.



00:02:44.150 --> 00:02:50.369

Gina Mundy: They are so. And they're the advocates, right? Which we're gonna be getting into that talking about advocates.



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Tanya: Well, I'm beyond grateful to have you here, and I'm really excited for myself and our audience to get to learn from you today, and I think your message is of vital importance, and I gotta be honest. I wish that you had wrote it sooner, so that I read it when I was pregnant.



00:03:08.570 --> 00:03:19.879

But let's just dive right in, because we've got a lot of ground to cover in short amount of time. So could you just start by sharing a little bit more about yourself, and then delve a little deeper about what it is that you do?



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Gina Mundy: Oh, sure. So I live in Michigan. I have 3 kids. They're 1915 and 9, and then I have been an attorney since.



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Gina Mundy: see? But I got my first case childbirth case in February 2,003. So I've been practicing as an attorney specializing in these cases for 21 years. And I have been married for 21 years. Basically, when I graduated law school, I stumbled on this job. But as I had just gotten married, because, you know, listen. Your audience is probably like childbirth attorney. What does this chip do?



00:03:57.840 --> 00:04:21.049

Gina Mundy: So I didn't even know about. You know this specialty or this area of law until I again, I still want on my first job. But I was hired into a team of over 20 people, and that's all we did with these childbirth cases. And I wanted to make sure. Obviously, I just got married. Having a baby was on my radar, wanted to make sure that everything I was seeing in these cases did not happen during the birth of my babies.



00:04:21.149 --> 00:04:47.959

Gina Mundy: so I stuck with it, and sometimes it was hard, because just so your audience understands when there's a childbirth case, and I come in. That means that during the birth of a baby baby was not born. Healthy baby passed away during childbirth, or sometimes months passed away during childbirth. So I come in and I find out what happened what went wrong? Probably more importantly, what should have been done? So baby was born healthy, and mom around to raise your baby.



00:04:48.620 --> 00:04:53.700

Tanya: Yeah. Oh, my God, that's so sad, and I can't even imagine like



00:04:54.020 --> 00:05:01.020

Tanya: what it must have been like for you, or what it must be like for you cause. Are you still practicing, too. I am.



00:05:01.310 --> 00:05:08.709

Gina Mundy: I am currently. I guess I'm a partner at my law firm. 21 years. Yeah, we're in February 2024, right?



00:05:08.830 --> 00:05:15.539

Gina Mundy: 21 years of doing this, and I'll tell you



00:05:15.590 --> 00:05:42.019

Gina Mundy: it's never, you know, especially when I was pregnant. This was not. That must have been so hard it was, and as a mom and a human, you know, the hardest part of my job is sitting down with the families and having, you know, just to talk about that day. So and that's why I wrote the book, too. Because basically, instead of getting involved in the aftermath of something going wrong, I'm trying to get, you know, involved beforehand to help, you know. Help. Families have a healthy baby.



00:05:42.110 --> 00:05:55.709

Tanya: Yeah. And I love the idea of taking that proactive approach on this, and just giving the giving people the information that they need to know ahead of time, so they can be better prepared to make the choices when the time comes



00:05:55.830 --> 00:06:01.129

Tanya: that will help ensure like better, safer, healthier outcomes. Right?



00:06:01.600 --> 00:06:03.020

Gina Mundy: Absolutely.



00:06:03.120 --> 00:06:07.259

Tanya: So. You have 2 deck 21 years behind you.



00:06:07.270 --> 00:06:12.259

Tanya: and I'm just curious. So what made you decide to start to write the book now?



00:06:13.040 --> 00:06:14.510

Gina Mundy: So my niece



00:06:14.700 --> 00:06:25.999

Gina Mundy: Was having the first baby of our next generation, and during the birth of her baby. We went about 20 min without knowing whether the baby was gonna make it.



00:06:26.350 --> 00:06:42.940

Gina Mundy: So I had to listen. So I was 1,100 miles away that day, and my sister, her mom called me just screaming. The baby crashed, which I'm very familiar with words because of my cases, and she's screaming hysterically. And I went from



00:06:43.480 --> 00:06:54.340

Gina Mundy: basically, you know, doing. And this legal analysis of the childbirth which really does nothing at that point to almost like a human analysis, like listening to my sister cry



00:06:54.400 --> 00:07:14.569

Gina Mundy: and just going. Oh, my gosh! This is what the families go through. This is they always. The family is always tell me about this transitional point. They have their life, their pre, the life before baby, and they have life after baby. The birth. So it's this transition that I have learned about, for you know that point 19 years. And then



00:07:15.170 --> 00:07:38.880

Gina Mundy: it was just it just stopped me in my tracks, because what I see in my cases, a lot of these are reoccurring issues. There are reoccurring facts. There's, you know, there's information that parents really need to understand. So you know, it can help, you know, activate their intuition, given a heightened sense of awareness or whatnot. But anyway, going back to the story, we did get word that my nieces baby, my sister's first grandchild, would be okay.



00:07:39.090 --> 00:07:47.960

Gina Mundy: But it made me think, as I said, I have 3 kids, the oldest being 19 and in a serious relationship. Now,



00:07:48.390 --> 00:08:03.269

Gina Mundy: so I just thought, I'm like, what if I'm not around for the birth of my grandkids? What if I'm 1,100 miles from my daughters that day, and I can tell you how I would prepare my kids, based upon what I have seen during childbirth is completely different



00:08:03.270 --> 00:08:18.429

Gina Mundy: than how a family would traditionally prepare. So I started to write everything down, and I learned that pretty quickly that there was a lot in my head, and a lot that I have learned that not only would help my kids have healthy babies.



00:08:18.430 --> 00:08:21.179

Gina Mundy: but families all over the world have healthy babies.



00:08:21.850 --> 00:08:31.680

Tanya: Hmm! That's awesome. And I wanna talk about that book right now. So the way that it's structured and it's divided into 13 lessons.



00:08:31.710 --> 00:08:38.549

Tanya: So I wonder if you wouldn't mind just giving a brief synopsis of each, or see how much we have time for today.



00:08:39.120 --> 00:09:02.819

Gina Mundy: We can do round 2. So chapter one crazy, important. It's so important right now that I have it on my website that you can go look at it at any point in time. Gina, and lesson or Chapter one are all of the lessons from the baby cases, and keep in mind as a lesson.



00:09:03.060 --> 00:09:09.599

Gina Mundy: It means that it's something that you can learn from the past to help prevent it from happening in the future.



00:09:09.800 --> 00:09:27.239

Gina Mundy: So these are lessons from the doctors, the nurses, you know anybody on the delivery team, the families, the medical experts who came into the cases and reviewed the cases. So I compiled all of the lessons, and then each one is a subsequent chapter.



00:09:27.820 --> 00:09:29.410

Gina Mundy: Lesson number one.



00:09:29.530 --> 00:09:34.860

Gina Mundy: The most important lesson of you need to prepare for childbirth



00:09:34.910 --> 00:09:38.500

Gina Mundy: that is huge. If you prepare for childbirth



00:09:38.590 --> 00:09:59.100

Gina Mundy: like anything in life. You're gonna make better decisions. Families in these cases are one decision or minutes from a healthy baby. I cannot emphasize enough as an attorney specializing in childbirth cases how important lessons are. And you know, unfortunately, a lot of families in these cases. They're



00:09:59.330 --> 00:10:17.310

Gina Mundy: they're of the mindset we're all guilty of, and bad things only happen to other people, and they don't get ready for that big day, and it leaves them very vulnerable. So that's lesson number one. So then, the chapter on that lesson then goes through in my book.



00:10:17.310 --> 00:10:29.559

Gina Mundy: Everything that I believe is important about childbirth, which is, gonna be probably completely different. Well, actually, I've read the books I know it's very different is is different than what you're gonna learn in other pregnancy



00:10:29.590 --> 00:10:31.000

Gina Mundy: pregnancy books.



00:10:31.430 --> 00:10:44.839

Gina Mundy: So it's everything that I rely on when I look at a case. And I'm like, Okay, is this good care, or is this bad care? So these are the things like a childbirth attorney, you know, relies on. But



00:10:44.890 --> 00:10:50.360

Gina Mundy: what we rely on, what we are analyzing constantly are the decisions that are made during childbirth.



00:10:50.410 --> 00:11:15.430

Gina Mundy: So huge they have that, you know, basic understanding of very important parts of childbirth. So I laid that out in Chapter 2, chapter 3 is all about the delivery team. Listen. Your delivery team. They are responsible for bringing your baby safely into this world. In a legal case it is their care that is at issue and analyze more than any other aspect of the case. Here's the deal with your delivery team.



00:11:15.560 --> 00:11:19.450

Gina Mundy: When you walk into the hospital that day, your delivery team



00:11:19.490 --> 00:11:23.000

Gina Mundy: typically consists of everybody who's scheduled to work that day.



00:11:23.070 --> 00:11:46.869

Gina Mundy: So okay, how do you get the dream team? Then? Right? Big question, you want the dream team absolutely. And inside. It's luck at the drop. You need to know and have an understanding of what you do. If you do not like somebody on your delivery team. Now your doctor heads that delivery team, and unless your doctor is picking up a 12 h shift at the hospital, they're likely not going to be there



00:11:46.870 --> 00:11:55.460

Gina Mundy: unless they're coming in to catch the baby, or they may come and check on you before their office hours start or whatnot. Everybody's different. So



00:11:55.810 --> 00:12:12.179

Gina Mundy: it's really important to have a good understanding of your doctor's role and how they work with the delivery team again. It's it's all in the book the but it's important. Understand your nurse or your resident, their bedside giving you direct care, and then responsible for communicating everything to your doctor.



00:12:12.280 --> 00:12:36.200

Gina Mundy: So I go over that. The next chapter is the Doctor I. And how to pick the good doctor. I have been analyzing Obgyn, who deliver babies for 21 years they are. They had the delivery team. They are so incredibly important. And not only that these are cases that will go in front of a jury, and you have to immediately assess.



00:12:36.390 --> 00:13:00.970

Gina Mundy: Is this a good doctor? Because I can tell you you cannot put a bad doctor in front of a jury, so I go through the different things that you need to look at when you're picking a doctor to make sure they are a good doctor to make sure you're on the same page. There's 20 questions at the end of the chapter that I'm like, okay, you need to know this about your doctor ironically. These are the first. Yeah, these are like the first 20 questions we talk about



00:13:00.970 --> 00:13:25.940

Gina Mundy: like in a deposition. What I'm trying to figure out is this a good doctor, a bad doctor, and then some of those answers that they give me I may use to discredit a doctor. I may use it to bolster doctors, credibility or yes, but you can take that. And they're actually pre. Remember, this is a jury is made up of lay people. Okay, they're not medical professionals? These are not difficult



00:13:25.940 --> 00:13:28.930

questions. They're they're very important questions.



00:13:28.930 --> 00:13:50.730

Gina Mundy: And you know, just different things to consider like your, you know, the doctor's communication intuition. There's stories about the doctor at trial. There's different different lessons even within there. And I have had a lot of people read that chapter, and you know, they're like Gina. We will then take this information and apply it like every doctor in our life.



00:13:50.800 --> 00:14:10.950

Tanya: Yeah, really. So yeah, everybody pay attention. And when you're talking about this, too. And then the questions to ask when you're selecting a doctor that made me think, Okay, this really is not just for people that are expecting, like anybody who's planning on becoming pregnant. You need to read this book first and know the questions to ask, to find the doctor



00:14:11.370 --> 00:14:13.490

Tanya: that you want to see, I think



00:14:13.610 --> 00:14:26.960

Gina Mundy: oh, 1,000 right that one on the nose. Well, right? Because, you know, it's like everybody wants to be the good doctor for their pregnancy, and that is important. But no one thinks about the big day, you know, I feel like, because it's 9 months away.



00:14:26.960 --> 00:14:44.550

Gina Mundy: But when I in the book I'm like, Oh, no, you gotta be talking childbirth on day one, you know, doctor, and get their different doctors again. This is all in the chapter, different doctors, different recommendations, different opinions, doctors do not agree.



00:14:44.750 --> 00:14:53.519

Gina Mundy: and it is. That is why I have a job, because nobody disagree. No one can agree on anything, and that they put any. We're not going to get into all that.



00:14:53.870 --> 00:14:56.999

Gina Mundy: But it's important, like. Well, for instance, I'll have a case



00:14:57.090 --> 00:15:24.299

Gina Mundy: a case will come in and 2 doctors will look at the cases. Medical experts meaning they were involved in the care of the patient. But they're gonna come in and they're gonna look at the medical records and everything, and decide. Was this good care or bad care? And I will have the first doctor, tell me everything was done wrong, and the second doctor will tell me everything was done right, and their reasoning are completely different. So yeah. And then



00:15:24.300 --> 00:15:35.960

Gina Mundy: in that in that chapter. You know what interesting story was, and it's such a great lesson. The I called it the Yoda Impasser. That's the section in the book.



00:15:36.020 --> 00:15:46.939

Gina Mundy: but I was meeting with a nurse, and we were going over a case. Now. This nurse, the case was a couple years old, and the nurse had left the hospital system right after this case.



00:15:47.030 --> 00:15:52.309

Gina Mundy: Well, she sees the doctor's name in the case, and she refers to that doctor as Yoda



00:15:52.360 --> 00:16:16.009

Gina Mundy: and I am like, are you calling him Yoda? Because he looks like Yoda. I didn't think look like Yoda. He was not. He did not. He didn't even look like Yoda. So I'm like, what's she talking about? And she saw I was confused, and she was like, this is a very wise doctor who did great things for his patients. And I'm like you better. Google, Yoda's name. And ultimately



00:16:16.140 --> 00:16:32.689

Gina Mundy: hundreds of patients have come forward. And it's it's in the news around here, but hundreds of patients have come forward seeing all of all the bad things that they, the doctor, did and whatnot. And this is a practicing ov. So again. So the lesson from that



00:16:32.690 --> 00:16:47.409

Gina Mundy: a good reputation does not equate to good care. Doctors work to have that good reputation, because really it's a business, and they want to get their clients. They want to get referrals and whatnot. So there's things like that. And you know we go. I go through it.



00:16:47.680 --> 00:16:54.180

Gina Mundy: So then, moving forward, I another big lesson is having a birth plan



00:16:54.320 --> 00:16:57.699

Gina Mundy: that is huge. And here's my spin on the birth plan.



00:16:57.800 --> 00:17:10.499

Gina Mundy: It's the act of preparing the plan that will help get you ready for childbirth. So when you go into labor, it's the only time in life where it's totally cool to be in a bunch of pain.



00:17:10.530 --> 00:17:35.219

Gina Mundy: And you really enter like this different state of mind. So getting ready for labor and childbirth beforehand, and having a good understanding of it. I feel like we talked about will help you make those good decisions, and you will understand that planning out your childbirth is very difficult to do, because so many things can change, and you know you'll be able to pivot and do what you need to do. Now, if you want to



00:17:35.220 --> 00:17:50.579

Gina Mundy: roll up to the hospital and labor and give your plan to your delivery team. That's great. If you want to do that, you guys can be on the same page. But if you don't, that's okay, too. Because again, it's the act of preparing the plan and understanding different decisions that may have to be made



00:17:51.110 --> 00:17:56.170

Gina Mundy: and then I go into having having a baby advocate.



00:17:56.340 --> 00:18:00.339

Gina Mundy: So this is like somebody. Again, your mom or



00:18:00.410 --> 00:18:19.830

Gina Mundy: mom's focusing. I'm mentally and physically delivering baby and having somebody on the side who is on the same page, and has a good understanding of almost like what's in my book or labor and delivery. You could have a dula personally, I would stick your husband on it, you know. I think, Dad, I get re.



00:18:19.830 --> 00:18:44.170

Gina Mundy: They were in delivery nurses don't, please don't do this in front of labor and delivery nurse. If you're an expecting father, do not play candy crush, they will come in, and they they're like candy crush, or they're sitting over in the corner texting. They're they're the least they're not supporting, you know, their wife or helping her make good decisions or whatnot, and I get it up. Until this time



00:18:44.170 --> 00:18:55.930

Gina Mundy: there may not have been the books on childbirth that Dad's can read. They have a good understanding that will literally help him protect his wife and protect his baby. So after that powerful moment when babies born.



00:18:55.930 --> 00:19:18.559

Gina Mundy: you know, dads can take healthy baby and healthy mom home if they know what to do. And the baby advocate, section of the book definitely directs them on on how to do that and how to protect them. So that's huge. I think that's huge, too, because I used to work at a hospital, too, as a nurse. I don't know if you know this, but I used to love it, too, when I'd give.



00:19:18.700 --> 00:19:31.379

Tanya: for instance, like discharge instructions, anything. But when they had somebody there with them to be that other ear, because you need to talk to more than one person, because the patient, too, can be



00:19:31.690 --> 00:19:38.310

Tanya: very nervous and maybe overwhelmed a little scared and I feel like when you're in that



00:19:38.370 --> 00:19:39.790

Tanya: frame of mind.



00:19:40.430 --> 00:19:53.859

Tanya: It's not a very good place to be in to like. Absorb the information. So it's really nice to have that other person there. Also, just to like speak up for you, because



00:19:53.990 --> 00:20:18.289

Gina Mundy: when you're in the middle of like labor. You are not like in the right way. And the scary part is, it's 2 parts. As Mom, you're the decision maker. Nobody can do or say anything, doctors technically giving you recommendations. They they're



00:20:18.420 --> 00:20:28.630

Gina Mundy: they're not telling me what to do. So having the loving husband who's there to protect you is absolutely huge grandparents.



00:20:28.910 --> 00:20:48.589

Gina Mundy: Grandma's like me. It makes sense. Grandma's love my book actually not a grandma yet. But like my daughter's 19, you know, but they really do enjoy reading the book, and it just it makes as a way. I'm always laughing because it makes so much sense to reach out to me, and I'm like, of course, you love my book. We're, you know, same



00:20:48.800 --> 00:21:02.079

Gina Mundy: same generation trying to protect our, you know, have protect our kids and have healthy grandkids. So yeah, the baby advocate section is absolutely huge. And then after that, I go into



00:21:02.580 --> 00:21:18.929

Gina Mundy: let's see the babies. I feel like I'm skipping one. So I'm just looking really quick at my index, some of the types of fetal mom monitors, or know what your babies. No, that's right. That's what I was thinking, and I'm like, Am I missing one? I don't wanna miss one. But listen.



00:21:19.440 --> 00:21:29.199

Gina Mundy: Okay. I don't know what's up with the medical community, but they want to keep the baby's heart rate and how to interpret it to themselves.



00:21:29.250 --> 00:21:35.189

Gina Mundy: Okay, parents, listen. I've had doctors testify. I put it in the book.



00:21:35.370 --> 00:21:37.310

Gina Mundy: Your baby's inside you.



00:21:37.360 --> 00:21:48.260

Gina Mundy: They can't just be assessed like a doctor can assess you I had a doctor testify. The only way a baby can talk to me during labor is through their heart rate.



00:21:48.690 --> 00:22:07.120

Gina Mundy: their heart rate because they're inside you is really the best way to determine how they're doing in labor. So if you understand their heart rate, which is not hard to do. It's not rocket science, you will know, or your husband will know, how your baby is doing.



00:22:07.490 --> 00:22:17.399

Gina Mundy: So I have. I have a chapter there's on the types of fetal monitors. There's 3, and I can tell you the one, the newest one.



00:22:17.590 --> 00:22:43.410

Gina Mundy: It's great it has. It's in that it has great benefits, but it also has some pretty big disadvantages where I've had. There's been a string of cases where babies have passed away from not being monitored correctly with this monitor. So it's important, you know. You'll learn about it in the book, for instance, if there's any concerns, for whatever reason about your baby that the correct type of monitor be used.



00:22:43.530 --> 00:22:50.760

Gina Mundy: Because, if not, just be, you know, it can be bad. So but let's go back to the baby's heart rate.



00:22:51.050 --> 00:23:03.470

Gina Mundy: So chapter 8, are the different types of fetal monitors, and then you have the baby's heart rate which is important. So as a childbirth attorney, this is the first thing I learned how to do was read a baby's heart rate.



00:23:03.540 --> 00:23:22.340

Gina Mundy: because again, that help me determine if care is good or bad. So what I believe to be important about the baby's heart rate, then I've included in that chapter. Listen. It's a chapter you may have to read more than once. It should only take a couple of hours, maybe, to figure out. You know what's going on with the baby's heart rate.



00:23:22.340 --> 00:23:39.720

Gina Mundy: You're a fast reader, fast learner. You're looking at like an hour. So, but just to have a general understanding, because if if something happens during the birth of a baby. It always starts with a heart rate. My cases always start like something starts to go something's up with the heart rate.



00:23:39.720 --> 00:23:48.309

Gina Mundy: And then it's like a cascade effect. There's, you know. And if there's concerns, they typically don't go concerned a C-section, it's a process.



00:23:48.320 --> 00:23:51.480

Tanya: So in the middle of that process you have.



00:23:51.550 --> 00:24:11.500

Gina Mundy: you know, interventions and testing that they may do to try to figure out what's going on with baby or improve baby's condition. But those test interventions are very important. If they're doing them during your labor, that you understand what they mean and why they're doing them. So that's the next chapter. That's chapter 10,



00:24:12.030 --> 00:24:33.529

Gina Mundy: and then chapter 11 is huge. That I shouldn't. I should say that's probably the most important chapter, and I've been on other shows, and they are constantly like Gina. Why, it's the information in Chapter 11 now, just coming out. And I'm always like, because I don't think a childbirth attorney ever thought to write a book.



00:24:33.580 --> 00:24:41.579

Gina Mundy: These, chapter 11 are the most common facts and issues in a baby case. So I just identified the top 10.



00:24:41.620 --> 00:25:11.580

Gina Mundy: And basically, for instance, the number one. Most common fact in my cases is the drug Potosyn is the drug that is used to induce Mom's labor. It makes her uterus contract and her body follows, and she's supposed to go into labor. And and there you go. Then you deliver baby? But that most of my cases involve that drug. It's huge. And then another really important lesson or common fact in my cases



00:25:11.580 --> 00:25:29.299

Gina Mundy: is that when there's a mistake. Where there's a complication, it is always after Mom's water breaks. I shouldn't say. Always, I should say, most of the time bulk of the time the it's after Mom's water break. That is a major decision. The doctor's Rec. Seem to recommend it a lot.



00:25:29.300 --> 00:25:46.650

Gina Mundy: and so if a doctor recommends, for instance. I'd like to break your bag of water. It's so, you know the responses. Is there a medical reason? Are you trying to be home for dinner, because it will speed up your labor, but it also puts Baby in a position where something can go wrong.



00:25:46.750 --> 00:26:05.080

Gina Mundy: So I likely, you know, if if it's possible leaving it in. Maybe it's not. Maybe there is a medical reason, and sometimes there is a medical reason. But if that, you know, I've had doctors break water because they want to be home for dinner, or they have a soccer game, or they have. You know whatnot it. You're just. I've heard. I've heard it all



00:26:05.450 --> 00:26:20.759

Gina Mundy: so. But if parents have knowledge of these common issues, they're just gonna have that heightened sense of awareness, and it will help activate their intuition. Yeah, because you don't know what you don't know.



00:26:20.770 --> 00:26:33.469

Gina Mundy: Right? That chapter is just absolutely, incredibly important, because I was just on a show, and that'll air in New York on Monday next Monday. And



00:26:33.490 --> 00:26:35.129

Gina Mundy: you know she just asked



00:26:35.740 --> 00:27:04.299

Gina Mundy: such a great question. She she's like Gina. Has anything changed in 21 years with your cases, or are we seeing the same things over and over and over again? And I'm like, I'm really sad to say that I'm just seeing the same things over and over and over again. So if you know what can go wrong, and why again, it's gonna help you make those important decisions with your delivery team.



00:27:04.920 --> 00:27:10.990

Tanya: So I have 3 kids, too. And I'm just thinking in all 3.



00:27:12.280 --> 00:27:15.979

Tanya: all 3 times I was given Potosin. But I feel like.



00:27:16.300 --> 00:27:22.139

Tanya: So I guess I'm just wondering like, why do you think that is cause like and thank God for me, I had



00:27:22.300 --> 00:27:34.750

Tanya: a great experience, but I feel like the first. For the first 2. It was just like it wasn't even a choice. It felt like like it felt like, no, this is just what we do like. We're just we're hanging Potosa now, like



00:27:34.990 --> 00:27:39.080

Tanya: but then the third one. Luckily I had a different doctor.



00:27:39.350 --> 00:27:43.530

Tanya: And they waited a very. My water broke on my own, naturally.



00:27:43.550 --> 00:27:56.120

Tanya: And we went a very long time, and then that's when they suggested it. It had been. It was almost, I mean, I think my water broke at like 7 am. And I think it was like maybe 100'clock at night



00:27:56.190 --> 00:28:04.959

Tanya: that they were talking about. Sorry the potential, because yes, it will increase your risk of infection if you go like around. I think it's like a 24 h mark



00:28:04.990 --> 00:28:15.599

Tanya: after your water breaks, and you haven't pushed that baby out. But anyways. But yeah, the Potos said, it makes your contractions so much more intense. So



00:28:15.730 --> 00:28:22.639

Tanya: like. What is it that makes that can make it so dangerous? And what should like? What kind of questions



00:28:22.800 --> 00:28:32.770

Tanya:  should women be asking? Or maybe they have the conversation ahead of time with their doctor like, what would you recommend?



00:28:34.800 --> 00:28:41.570

Gina Mundy: So I haven't. Just so, you understand. That's a loaded question. I, for the last lesson.



00:28:41.620 --> 00:29:09.659

Gina Mundy: and that I talk about is understanding that Potosin is the most common fact and issue in a baby case. So I do have an entire chapter dedicated to exactly what parents need to know about Potosin. But here's the deal. I'm a slow and steady. Let it hit your sweet spot kind of chick when it comes to pitosin, because potosin is a very individualized drug, meaning everybody responds differently. So if Potosin is getting increased too fast too much.



00:29:09.660 --> 00:29:24.709

Gina Mundy: and your body goes into overdrive, and that stresses your baby out. So I'm assuming with yours. Your doctor sounds like they took it slow and steady that they weren't just checking it up and jacking it up like, really fast. So yeah, that's



00:29:25.050 --> 00:29:42.779

Gina Mundy: there's so much when it comes to that. I shouldn't say so much. But again, with your first 2, you know you now, you know, after this, podcast but you know, you did have a choice, not to get potosin unless they're trying to tell you like something was wrong with your babies. I can tell you that



00:29:43.050 --> 00:30:02.499

Gina Mundy: a spontaneous vaginal birth or natural birth without pitosin, without an epidural. I rarely see those cases, so the mistakes and complications come into play with potosin, because potosin is when it's not administered correctly. Plus you also have. Did you have an epidural?



00:30:03.400 --> 00:30:11.049

Tanya: I did. Yeah. The third one. I didn't want one, and I didn't need it until they started that potosin.



00:30:11.380 --> 00:30:27.119

Gina Mundy: Right? So that's they like you just said it causes super strong contractions. You get an epidural and the combination of a token. And up per epidurals like they work against each other. So that's why the administration of a Toson is so incredibly.



00:30:27.120 --> 00:30:46.160

Gina Mundy: you know, important, and that is an expecting parent that you understand what it's doing and how it should be administered and whatnot. Now listen. You know your doctor, May. Someone's doctor may look at Chapter 14. Be like. That's what I do. Awesome, perfect! That's wonderful.



00:30:46.490 --> 00:31:01.030

Gina Mundy: It's the doctors who don't administer it like this, or the nurses who, don't you know, follow the orders that are, you know, what's in my book? The different doctors again, different recommendations, different different opinions. So



00:31:01.730 --> 00:31:05.759

but yeah, no. But Toson is a whole can of worms. So that's



00:31:05.780 --> 00:31:23.700

Gina Mundy: that is, you know. I just think it's the cascade effect with with Potosin, for sure. So I'm very, very happy you had do you remember like what your levels were with potosine or anything like how high you like? And then that, yeah, I know. And then that's another thing I kind of wanted to talk. I mean, I know we're kinda



00:31:23.720 --> 00:31:28.920

Tanya: hitting the time, Mark here. But that's another thing I wanted to talk about. You put talk to you about is



00:31:28.950 --> 00:31:34.789

Tanya: how I mean I didn't even know. And I'm a nurse like I didn't even think to



00:31:34.930 --> 00:31:44.029

Tanya: to ask, or no one's really telling me like, Hey, I mean, maybe they weren't even increasing it. I don't. I don't know.



00:31:44.140 --> 00:32:14.080

Gina Mundy: No, go ahead. Well, my book would be like, okay. The nurse is to tell you every single time they're in, you know, increasing the potosin. Well, they have to tell you. Instruct them, and then they have to tell you they're increasing the potosin, and you could say No, I mean, if you wanted where they make them explain why or haven't contact your doctor, just depending on what's going on. That's probably they're doing that, you know, a higher dosage or whatever. But you know, potosis actually super easy. I mean, they start at one.



00:32:14.080 --> 00:32:28.189

Gina Mundy: and then they could. They'll go to usually 20 or something like that. But it's like 1, 2, 3. But doctors defer on how they increase it, some will increase it by one again. 1, 2, 3, you know, over, you know. However many.



00:32:28.190 --> 00:32:32.130

Gina Mundy: whatever time frame they pick, some doctors go by twos.



00:32:32.540 --> 00:32:42.379

Gina Mundy: Some labor delivery nurses tell me they've seen doctors go up by 6, and I'm like what? So I haven't ever since. That's that's pure insanity.



00:32:42.860 --> 00:32:48.859

Gina Mundy: so, you know, it's just an having that understanding of how it's administered. And



00:32:49.070 --> 00:33:01.239

Gina Mundy: even if you're pregnant, you still should read that chapter, even if you have, you do not want Potosin induction. The introduction of my book is this, that story about my niece?



00:33:01.240 --> 00:33:24.499

Gina Mundy: But my niece did not want Potosin, but she she had gone in that day, and there were concerns about her baby. So they were like C section or potosine, because you're not in labor. And all of a sudden she has to make some pretty big decisions. But it was a great hospital, great delivery team, but they did try to keep it slow, and and whatnot was ultimately healthy. So I'm glad she had a good outcome. Yeah.



00:33:24.740 --> 00:33:26.410

Tanya: Oh, my gosh, well.



00:33:27.470 --> 00:33:44.049

Tanya: as we wrap up, I am just gonna say like what my key takeaways from today are. And then you could just add Gina, anything. That's on your mind, too, that you think would be important. But I would say one, that it's important to educate yourself, which is



00:33:44.300 --> 00:33:52.420

Tanya: why you wrote this book. So learn about the decisions that might be presented to during childbirth and have a plan.



00:33:52.530 --> 00:34:05.929

Tanya: Have a support person with you that can act as an advocate, and then make sure to communicate with this person ahead of time, your wishes and maybe even have your advocate read this book if they would be willing.



00:34:05.950 --> 00:34:19.699

Tanya: And then don't be afraid to speak up, because this is your life and the life of your baby, and if you are a people, people pleaser like me. This is not the time. Don't be concerned of



00:34:19.929 --> 00:34:34.410

Tanya: what they might think of you like I'm talking about like the labor and delivery team. Of course, everybody wants the same like good outcome, healthy baby, healthy mama. But just don't be con like, don't be afraid to ask questions or what they might think. If you ask them questions like



00:34:34.449 --> 00:34:42.790

Tanya: they're gonna think I'm too needy, or they're gonna think that I'm trying to tell them how to do their job, or they're gonna think I'm a bitch like



00:34:42.889 --> 00:34:57.960

Tanya: it can be done in a very tasteful, respectful kind, like kind but direct way, and again like ultimately, at the end of the day, everyone, including the delivery team, wants a healthy mama and healthy baby right?



00:34:58.230 --> 00:35:07.540

Tanya: And is there anything else that you would add, Gina? That you would want our listeners to take away from today? Or is there anything on your heart today that you would like to share before we sign off?



00:35:07.870 --> 00:35:19.909

Gina Mundy: Well, well said, your summary was was perfect. But yes, the people, please, are a part. I get that a lot like what my doctor to do or whatever I mean.



00:35:19.910 --> 00:35:42.960

Gina Mundy: Listen, if it's something in my book, let's say you're following my potosine. What I suggest to do for a Potosin induction keeping in mind, I've seen Pitos inductions gone wrong since February 2,003. I've researched this drug trouble the country talking to delivery teams about this drug. But if you're trying to follow my guidelines and your doctor's like. No, we can go up by 2, but Gina, says one.



00:35:42.960 --> 00:35:56.560

Gina Mundy: be like you know what? Take my book, show it to the doctor, throw me under the bus. If here's a secret, you can go to my website. You can email me, and it goes directly to my phone. There you go. Leave me a number. I'll call it drinking wine, I'll call it



00:35:56.590 --> 00:35:58.059

Gina Mundy: so. But



00:35:58.150 --> 00:36:26.640

Gina Mundy: listen, here's the deal. I'm sure your audiences like you know me, but ever since I was a child I would play with baby dolls, and I would dream of that that moment when I you know I had my first baby, and what it would be like. This is a very powerful moment that Mo. Most of us dream of our entire life. You want to make sure that you do everything you can to enjoy that powerful moment, and you know, make sure you baby go home healthy. Yeah.



00:36:27.070 --> 00:36:43.630

Tanya: Oh, well, thank you so much, Gina, for your time today, and all the knowledge that you shared and the meaningful work you're doing in the world. This is really life changing stuff, and I know it's not easy to write a book, and I don't know when you found the time to do it. Because you have 3 kids. You are



00:36:43.680 --> 00:36:48.839

a partner at a law firm who is still practicing. I mean, it's



00:36:48.900 --> 00:36:51.430

Tanya: very impressive.



00:36:51.490 --> 00:36:57.700

But, Gina, can you please tell us where our listeners can connect with you, and where they can find your book.



00:36:58.480 --> 00:37:07.529

Gina Mundy: Thank you for your kind words. I do. I do really appreciate that. So the best way to always get a hold of me is my website, Ginaamundicom.



00:37:07.790 --> 00:37:31.269

Gina Mundy: GINA MUND, and always have links to my book all there's resources for expecting parents. You know anything that I believe that needs to happen for a safer childbirth. Healthy babies will be right there and then also the easiest way right now is literally. If you just put my name Gina Monday in the search bar in a Amazon, and the the book will pop up.



00:37:31.390 --> 00:37:32.680

Tanya: Okay, perfect.



00:37:32.940 --> 00:37:54.340

Tanya: Alright. Mama's well, make sure you get yourself a copy of a Parent's Guide to a safer childbirth, either for yourself or someone you know is expecting, and I'll be sure to link all of Gina's info in the show notes. So be sure to check those out and everyone at home. Thank you so much for listening today, and if you found value in this episode, I ask that you please share with your friends or anyone you would think



00:37:54.340 --> 00:38:03.160

Tanya: would benefit from the content shared today. And if you haven't already, please subscribe rate and review, the podcast as this helps more amazing mom is like you find the show



00:38:03.290 --> 00:38:10.979

Tanya: until next time. Mama's keep up the good work, I promise you're doing better than you give yourself credit for. Talk to you next week. Bye.

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